November 01, 2011

First blog session / not a fun one

Minutes played: 76.4
stakes: 10NL
hands : 504
$USD: $0.30

I know I should have 3Bet preflop, on the flop I tought it would be better to let him cbet so I get value from his A-x and pockets he could have. On turn I hit 2 pairs, but his aggression stat is growing as we get deeper into hands so I let him keep the lead, but I re-raise to get some value, because I don't think he will fold a small re-raise from hands he could have unless it is air where I could not get any value on river anyway. On river he bet only half, I think he would have pushed all-in if he wanted me to fold so I just called because I didn't really knew where I stood. It was a hand where I got lost mostly because I didn't raise preflop I think.]View hand 1498879

I think I played this hand correctly. On flop he could have a good king or a trips or a good flush draw, finaly he had the nut flush on flop]View hand 1498887

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