June 26, 2011

road with no end

I think its been a year since my last post. Unfortunatelly very little changed in my pojer situation. I've bee playing from NL50 to NL100 and back to NL25 now. My biggest problem remains the same, I tilt way too much.  My tilt has two phases, first I bluff opponents I should never bluff and multibarrell in calling stations and than when frustration comes I turn into BIG CS and its over, I lose one BI after another. hink its time for my final last attempt to get better at poker and make some money this way. My plan assumes that:

1) I will play around 1k hands a day

2) I will read books closely related to poker

3) I will shift from playing to learning when tilting or I will be taking breaks in play

As a result I hope to be able to cash out 2k euro in two months (with RB and promos) and have enough of bankroll to contiune playing.

Before I made some plans about my future, and shared them with you so I will also update you on the situation. 

CFA exams - FAIL (I couldn't come up with cash)

Qualifying for masters program in Amsterdam - I am half way there ( accepted but without scholarship)

Actuarial examas - I have completed one of four, and currently I am an intern at big consulting company in actuarial department (as a result it may be hard to find time for poker but I am an optimist in that matter) - so its a SUCCES.

This is it for now. I hope I will have more discipline this time and finnaly I will be able to say that I have accomplished something in poker.

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