June 02, 2010


I'm experiencing biggest fuck up ever, and I must admit its no fun... right now I'm back to having like 2k in US$. Therefore I think I need to put more effort into tailoring my game. So starting today I'll pick at least one hand from each session and post it in the forum (and blog) + game video is comming... ( for now lets forget about series I mentioned before).

It's getting worse... only today I am 700$ under ev and I just found myslef with1,5k$ and no idea what to do next... I heat moaning but now I'm lost... half of my roll is gone and I'm back where I was 3 months ago.

For sure I'll take at least a day break from playing cash games and moste probably when I get back I'll be playing NL25

Posted By shadeson at 03:43 PM




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