May 15, 2010

another fancy play day

As far as guessing why I got busted goes nobody gave correct answer :] becouse it has nothing to do with playing poker… I got stopped by the police becuse I went through crossroads on the red light and as a result I had to part with 100$

Untill not so far ago playing poker was fine, I was making money reached 3k goal and made some more $, I also bough new monitor and some other things…

But for a few days now I’m hurting form super poker fancy player agro/donki style and as a result I lost few buyins and got under 3k. That worries me becouse this problem seems to be comming back each time I run and play good for a moment and I have no idea how to eliminate it.

Thats it for now, time to party.. :)
skinny genes

Posted By shadeson at 06:26 PM




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