April 21, 2010

The Next Episode

It’s time to tell you a little bit more about my poker game. Now a days I’m trying to crush NL50 and its happening for the third time in my life and so far I’m doing quite good but thers still room for improvement. Ater revieving almost each session I can find few spots where I miss value or loose way too much.

Now I have pretty safe BR containing around 50 buyins. For next two months I’m planning on stying on NL50 just to see how well I’m doing on a bigger sample. Each month I’ll be saving up 500$ and the rest will go on things like new computer monitor (for now I have to put up with my 12" laptop screen) new mobile, clothes, and things like that. Hopefully in july I’ll be after few shots on NL100 and have at least 35 buyin’s for this limit so I will fell comfortable niting there.

Ofcourse poker education in progress, starting today I’ll be watching two series:
-real life micro NL grinder
-hand readers

I’m planning also to make and upload some of my videos that will have dedicated topic (like cbeting, double barreling, multiway pots and so on)

cheers The Next Episode

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