April 24, 2012

Day 1...Wow I am actually thinking..

I actually enjoy poker for once even without knowing whether or not I won a load of buy ins.  My most enjoyable session are normally where I run like god and obviously vice versa, when I am running terrible the same thing goes.  Not checking my results will free me up some serious stress.  Anyway I feel like I played much better than normal yesterday.  I was thinking through situations much more and taking lines I would not always take with mixed success.  An element of FPS did come into my game later in the evening I feel but overall I feel my play was very much improved on my robotic / tilty multi-tabling previous self.  So the Session Details...

of heartsof spades 4.5 HOURS PLAYED of spadesof hearts

9.30PM - 12.15PM, 12.45PM - 2.30AM

2100 Hands, £37.23 Rakeback. 

of clubsof diamondsSESSION REVIEWof clubsof diamonds


10.20pm I never put enough thought into this hand as something was going on, on another table. This player does not call many 3 bets oop and when he does alarm bell should have rang off. The board is scary but my thought process was, "I don't have time, I have nothing, I'll bluff rather than lose, instead of "He doesn't call 3 bets much he has called the flop he can't be that scared of the board, why should I bet the turn?"


11.50pm Made a bit of a mess of this on the flop. Folding pre would have been better but I decided to do what I did. I think check calling would have been better also. I have no read whatsoever on the player. I fold on the turn thinking I had no fold equity and did not have odds to call. If I were to put them on a very narrow incorrect range of QQ+ I would need 27% so it is very close. Still misplayed and a spot I did not need to put myself into.


12.10am I really like this delayed double barrel. An actual hand where I was thinking clearly.


1.45am Super suck out against me just for good measure. This guy was so bad....


2.15am I think I was getting more fancy during the last hour of my session/day. This spot was a against a LAG who I had little prior knowledge of but have played with before and knew liked to take weird lines. Calling the xrr from him I think is ok but a fold would have been ok also. I actually prefer just checking back and pot controlling this board and no cbetting. He then leads half pot on the turn. I take a look at the board and think "What could he have, he would have 3 bet QQ and probably 1010 so unless he has 55 I just cannot see how he could have a hand here so I raise him and he shoves. So what he had I will never know. I think he is in hindsight likely the sort of player to slow play. Also he is not the type of player who will be bluffed off hands easily so I don't like my reraise against him particularly even though my board reading logic seemed sound enough.

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