May 08, 2011

Hundred is the number

Hey everyone. 

It is end of the week and i thougt to post small update.

At the moment my life is all about poker. And im looking to keep it that way. I have a good friend who have same high abitions as i do and we are on this road together.

We learn and grind together on high volume every day. Progress is good in my humble opinion.

Day to do 

  • Learn / analys hands, opponents/each other game by sweat sessions
  • Grind, grind, grind
  • Learn / videos like GC Thin red line / mathematics of NLHE 
  • Tommy Angelo - Eightfold path of poker enlightment is very important to keep mindset in good shape.

Graph. Very small sample but i hope to show up end of the month w some really good results. 


User Uploaded Image

Gonna keep grinding. Today i play 20k guaranteed tourney also tho so little less at cash tables. GL to everyone at tourneys and ofcorse at the cash tables aswell!

Take care. 



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May 07, 2011

Foundation of knowledge

Hy guys. 

I thougt to share some serias and reading with you and also ask from everyone what do you suggest.

Here is something for knowledge base. Strat videos are all 6m, because i play SH nlhe.

  1. One very good series is GrindCore's "The thin red line" - First episode is all about theory and Must see! All others are sweat session where he discuss hands really good. Also teaching note system etc. I recommend.
  2. "Mathematics of NLHE" -  There are basics and advanced topics every poker players should know. Must see.
  3. For balacing mindset and learn how to match everyday life with poker imho best series is Tommy Angelo's - "Eightfold path to  poker enlightment" seriously !
  4. In reading section is one book what covers just so many situations that every poker players should know is David Sklansky and Ed Miller's No Limit Hold'em Theory and Practice / it is kind of boring but when you get into it then its really useful for your game.
  5. "Shuffle and Flow" -  don't know much about it, watched only one episode but till there it is very good. About how to manage your everyday life etc.
  6. Special for 6m players - Ryan Fee's 6 Max NL Strategy Guide. You can read it Here
  • And bonus section is something whatever motivates you and keep motivated. > One show is 2months2million. It's actually absolutely necessary to find constantly something that motivates you!

So thats it. Short list what popped into my mind atm.

Please don't hesitate to share your lists and knowledge.

Stay tuned or be tuna. later.

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May 07, 2011

Succeeding equals 110% commintment

We all know that it is not easy to succeed in poker right? But have we ever thought about what it takes to succeed?

I mean most of the players out there who just starting or have been around for a while knows that it's possible to make money playing poker and have a nice lifestyle etc. But have they really think thrue what it takes to succeed? I think 90% of players havent. There are 10% who just getting starter and get so into it and just start invest some serious time and succeed. And all others just hang around for a while and then dissapear.. why? Because they didin't really thought thrue what it takes to succeed and are they ready to commit themselves.

Have you? Are you ready for what it takes?

I have been around since late 2k9 - /more about my poker history can be find in my first post./

But just now i realized what it takes to succeed. So i asked myself a really simple question - Am I ready for this? The answer is Yes.

I mean you absolutely have to know and truly realize  what it takes. And once you step on this road there is no way back - turnaround or however you want to call it. And this is actually pretty big decision. So think hard! - and next day, think again. Whatever you do, don't start till you absolutely sure.

Anyway. I took this decision. Im ready for whatever it takes and hopefully never have to look back.

Quick overview what this is really means. aam..

It's simply means that i eat,sleep,breath and drink poker every day! I learn and play at the tables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I push the limits! There are going to be sweat,blood and tears so to speak.

Summer is coming - chillout. In the weekends lot of friends are out, party or whatever so it's not easy to stay at home learn and grind from day to day. Thats why it is so important to think really thrue before you get started.

Luckily for me I have a really good friend who plays small stakes NL and he is all about to push the limits and put some real effort and time to succeed in poker aswell. So i guess we are both in this road and it is alwasy easyer with someone then alone.

What is the plan? Well it looks something like >

Learn ~ 3-4h every day. It contains -

  • Hand/game/player analysis 
  • Sweat sessions
  • Watch videos / strategy and mindset< last one is very important aswell!
  • Discuss strategys 
  • Finding leaks
  • Read

And all remaining ~20 hours is for grinding and sleep. Ofcorse there are some hours for eating and little breaks but you get my point.

Best of luck to everyone and stay tuned.


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April 27, 2011

Focus Bi*ch

Hello again. 

In my last post i told that next time i will talk about some serious leaks of my game. And im pretty sure this concerns not only me, but also lot of other players out there.

FOCUS is it!

  1. I have hard time to play in tables more that 60 minutes. Especially when in first 10 minutes i win 1-2 BI + Then i just quit and play again in few hours. I think this is like Biggest leak what poker player can ever have. It's like a common knowledge that "When u run good, keep playing and when u don't then just quit and come back later" But for me this is 180 degrees opposite way. So pleace I really need some help or wise words from you guys out there. Help me fix this.
  2. I lose my self-confidence really fast when im down few buy-ins from session etc. I don't have scared money issue or however that is called. What should i do about it?
  3. Focus and Volume - Again! Long story short, I play 30% of day and other 70 or even more sometimes i do some pontless stuff, like watching TV-shows,movies, surfing on internet. I fucking love to watch tv shows but i hate that im not putting volume on poker and im not focused!

I have to tell im a lazy ass mothefucker. I live alone. I dont go to school or work. I dont have any responsibilitys to others etc. So i do pretty much what i want from day to day and there is no one close to me who can help me with this. But i have me and i hope here is some guys who is reading this ang can ship me some tips or wise words..

I go step by step. Today was third day when i went out jogging. It feels good i mus say! I also go to swimming every other day. So now i actually have some day plan - i never had a day plan before, well expect when i went to school but this was years ago. But now i have to fill this somehow. Well i wake up depends but usually 9am-11am / working on it to wake up every morning 9am! Then i go to jog for 30 min and then i should start to grind/ learn or whatever but like i sayd, step by step.

Some of may laugh but i really like to play at night time / 6pm..12pm I feel a lot smater then at the day time. But still i need to play daytime aswell!

But i really would love to if i can get some feedback from you guys out there. Im sure many of you have been on this road and can share some tips to me. Thank you!

Take care. cya.

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