July 03, 2010

Penny pinching princess is on a heater

I'm a penny pincher and some how manage to play poker.  Don't ask me how.

After a pretty successful first month back at the tables I have been preparing myself for the inevitable downswing, but it hasn't come.  I struggled for so long at the full ring micros that it's still hard for me to believe that things might be falling into place.  My mental game really matured over the months off and a change of circumstances have take some of the financial pressures off.  I think that was a huge tilt factor for me before trying to make up losses.  With that said, I've had a nice start for July, +8bi over 1600 hands at 100NL.  Running hot, I know.  I don't want to dwell on hitting that downswing, but am prepared for it.  I am going to stick to a 3bi session stop loss, which is something I've had problems with following through with, but realize now how important it is.

While winning at a non-sustainable rate, I think my stats reflect some solid play overall.  I LOVED the Coaching Kristy series and I think I've been able to stick to the game plan I developed from watching them.  I think I should start to loosen up as I get more comfortable at 100NL, but I'm keeping things a bit tighter as build my bankroll and get some volume in.

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If anyone has recommendations for a coach, please let me know.  I've sent in a request to DC, but haven't heard back yet.

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