January 08, 2010

Bing Blang Blaow?

TA meeting has us doing pre-session routines. It’s freezing outside, and one of my routines is to go outside and get a couple of breaths of air. Fail.

Here’s my current list of things I do.

1) Put my phone in the charger in the living room
2) Go outside and get a couple of big breaths of fresh air
3) Stretch and shake loose a little bit to get my blood flowing
4) Get a glass of water
5) Wash my hands
6) Shut down IM and browsers
7) Listen to dRybes – Cash Out (bing blang blaow)

Step 7 is pretty awesome, and it works pretty well! :D

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January 05, 2010


I played a short little session today. I dropped $900, and it was just one of those days really. My flopped nut straight ended up having a four-flush on board, so I couldn’t get any value on the river. My QQ ran into AA on T74 two-tone for all the chips. All my checkraise bluffs ran into a couple of big hands and I made a herocall on an overbet when a backdoor flush hit 97565 board.

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January 04, 2010


Before and after. Fuck.

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January 02, 2010

My new favorite blogger

I like to read a lot of different blogs, and j-mac is definitely one of those blogs that entertain me the most. Krantz’s blogs are pretty awesome too, and the more literate the blogger, the more interesting it is. Sometimes though, you don’t really have to be literate. Sometimes you’re just so fucking cool that you evolve into a meme, and have a ton of fans just through your awesomeness. I’m obviously talking about King Niche’s blog. If you don’t know who King Niche is, you’ve probably been living under a rock (in terms of the poker world anyways). Anyways, everything he writes is an excellent read, especially when you’ve read his first couple of threads on 2+2 and you realize what he’s about.

King Niche Blog

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December 31, 2009

2009 roundup, goals for 2010

This is going to be a long ass post, because it’s obviously a post to summarize my year in poker. Cliffnotes at the bottom.

First, for the story of the day – and a missed opportunity. I got up, showered, ate breakfast. I decided to watch Bart’s Thin Red Line ep. 1 again because it’s like one of the illest theory videos on DC. I give Bart shit on the forums, but he’s one of my best friends so breaking his balls is obviously necessary.

I fell asleep halfway through the video and I woke up when there was like 10 minutes left. I check out what’s going on on MSN, and sure enough, Bart had posted a HH for me. He won a 800bb+ pot with AA vs. 99 on J7xxx at 10/20. Biggest of his life, I think. Sick rush, and we started talking about the game he was in. I told him that if I had like $12 – $14k to my name, I’d definitely take a $4k shot at that game. He then proceeds to tell me he’d take my action. I’m like “SWEET” and 10 seconds after he told me he’d take my action, I was on the waiting list. I was 4th or something when I joined, so that kind of sucked, but whatever. So, I’m like semi-railing the game and getting dressed for tonight for like 40 minutes or something. After I had gotten dressed, I decided “meh, I’ll grind some while I wait for the seat”. I did my pre-game rituals (Joe Tall, are you reading this?!) which was part of our homework for Tilter’s Anonymous.

I sat down to grind. The fish was stacking people left and right in the 10/20 game, playing something like 90 VPIP or whatever. I was number 2 on the waiting list when the fish finally decided to quit. He had $6 – 7k on the table when he quit. Bart had a disconnect earlier in the game, so he wasn’t in it. Sucks for him, because I think he lost like $4k in EV. I guess it doesn’t sting too much, because he did book like a $14k win or something. 1 minute after the fish had quit, I was offered a seat at the table and I’d be playing 3handed with two of the better 10/20 players on iPoker (as far as I know) if I were to sit in the game. Obviously that’s not going to happen, so meh. I think I was one spot away from playing 10/20 without even having played a single hand of 2/4, 3/6 or 5/10. Sick life imo. The session itself went okay, as I kept on playing 1/2. I booked another decent score and I even recorded myself playing one table. I might add audio to it and talk about all the mistakes I did in the video. There are so many, I’m fucking embarrased, haha. A made an A high calldown, but there were so many spots where I should’ve made some “thin” calls which aren’t really thin at all. I just pussed out, and it kind of sucks.

So, on to 2009…
In January, I got staked for NL50 because I was a broke ass student and I had just bought a new computer because my old one was crap. Grinded NL50 and ran like ass for 4 – 5 months. I hit a massive heater in May or June or something, and rushed through NL50 and NL100 like I was Usain Bolt on the racetrack. I ended the stake deal with decent profits. Got a new contract in August for NL100 and NL200. I played okay at first, winning about 10 buy-ins, then had some rough swings accompanied by poor play. After being stubborn and swinging like a madman at NL200, I decided to drop down to regain some confidence and stuff. I crushed NL100 like I crushed it when I heatered through it in 20K hands previously, and it was pretty awesome. December was brutal at first, dropping 10 buy-ins. Then I heatered, and now I’m up a little bit at NL200.

Plans for the day? Going to hang out with one of my best friends and just chill. We’ll probably go downtown or something to watch the fireworks, I don’t know. I got a couple of cubans that I’m going to smoke tonight. Awesomeness.

Goals for 2010:
Break into MSNL, and win g00t monies.
Get a girlfriend (kind of hard when you’re an online poker player with no life)
Go on a small tour with my band
Get decent grades at uni

Cliffnotes of today:
Could play 10/20, but the fish quit
Played a session, and played pretty poorly

Cliffnotes of 2009:
Staked at NL50 at the beginning of the year
Ran like ass until May – June
Heatered my way up to NL200 during the summer
Been playing NL200 since then, breaking even or so

I’m missing a bit of my graph because my old hands are on my old computer. The HD failed, so that sucks, but here’s my graph since May or so.

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December 30, 2009

On certain iPoker clients shutting down winning players

A big talking point among poker players lately have been the exclusion of winning players on certain iPoker networks like VCPoker. The biggest reason that they’ve been excluded has been because they’re winning players. Obviously this sounds like a load of shit to anyone who plays poker seriously, because why would you exclude winning players? They contribute to the rake just as much as the losing players, and some winning players contribute even more because they play for a living and therefore put in a much higher volume. However, most people fail to realize how these businesses are being run and they don’t realize that everything is all related.

To put things in perspective a little bit, here’s the scenario. The iPoker network is run by a company called Playtech. Playtech gives license to a lot of different skins who operate independantly of eachother, but on the same network so they share the same group of players. Someone who plays on Hansa Poker can play against someone who plays on Betfred Poker or VCPoker. I’m not sure exactly how the deals are between the skins and Playtech, but I think the skins get a piece of the rake they make, or a piece of the interest that Playtech make from keeping money in the bank. The skins probably make money from having a piece of the rake of their own players. That would make most sense anyways. It could be different, but the effect is the same anyways.

So here’s the deal. We all know online poker networks and sites make their money from interest. Money in the bank generates interest, and this interest generates profit. So obviously, the sites who make the most money are the sites that have the most money in the bank. Here’s where VC and whatever other skins that are kicking winning players off, are stepping into problems, but I’ll get into that a little later.

There’s a recession going on. Everything is intertwined. Playtech aren’t making as much money now, because people are more conservative with their money. John Smith from Sheffield can’t afford to gamble with his spare £500 every month anymore. jsmithswfc won’t be seen at the tables as often as he would’ve liked to. He has had to withdraw money from his poker account. This goes on all over Europe. John, and people similar to him, have a little bit of a tighter economy because of the recession. The banks are feeling the biggest squeeze, and to release some tension, they’ll squeeze their clients a little bit. Their clients will squeeze their clients and so it goes until there’s nothing left to squeeze. Everyone loses when economy is tight.

So why VC are getting into all this predicament and banning accounts from cash games? A lot of the players who get rakeback are winning players. Winning players who get 60 % rakeback and make a substantial amount off of the rakeback generally make a pretty solid living doing it. These people who make a living off of poker will generally withdraw money. When people withdraw money it means less money in the bank for Playtech and VC. So in order to start making profits again, VC will cut their biggest expense, the people who withdraw money from their banks. These are sadly the winning players.

Sucks to be a winning player, but this definitely wouldn’t happen if there wasn’t a recession. As a player you just got to deal with it. We’re part of the global economy too.

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December 29, 2009

Another creation

I should make poker related MSPaint cartoons. Hm.

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December 28, 2009

Sick grind

I got up at 9 AM yesterday, and there was no food in our house so I had to go to 7-11 to get something to eat. Obviously, the snow has started to melt over here so there was ice on the road. A 10 – 15 minute walk turned into a 35 minute walk. Sssssso tilting. Anyways, I got some food so it was all good. So, I had breakfast and started up the poker software.

I tried pulling off a lockdown session, but it didn’t go all too well. I started playing at 1:30 PM, and took a break at 5:30 PM. I chatted a little bit with some friends on MSN, and then decided to watch a documentary. I fell asleep while watching the documentary, and I pretty much slept until 8:30 AM. Sweet imo. I’ll be doing a little session review for the member video section on the forum from this session and that should be up later today or tomorrow.

1500 hand session while 3 – 6 tabling. I’ll be going through all the big pots and interesting spots that I marked for review while playing so I might have to make more than one video.

Results for the session, for the results oriented; +$106.90. Zzzz.

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December 26, 2009


Total amount bet: 828
Total return: 205
Net result: -623

Boxing Day obviously didn’t go too well. Too many tight matches ended up in a draw, rather than a home win. I should probably bet more on asian handicaps. My edge might be bigger there. I’m struggling to put money on a draw, but I guess that could come with experience.

Oh, well.

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December 25, 2009

Boxing Day Predictions

I placed a couple of NBA bets today, but I’m not going to go in-depth on the reasoning behind them. I put 80 on a triple, and 85 on a single. Lakers beating Cavs at in Los Angeles, Magic beating Celtics in Orlando and Suns taking down Clippers in Phoenix for a combined total of 2,5-1. Probably not a great price, but Orlando have a pretty big edge historically against Celtics, so I’m pretty much just getting close to 2,5-1 on Lakers beating Cavs. I think that’s a pretty good price, so I’m okay with it although it’s pretty close. I also bet on the Heat beating the Knicks in New York, which was my single. Getting 2,2-1, I think that’s quite a solid price.

Now for my Boxing Day “Predictions”… It’s actually more like my gambooooool analysis. I’ll post a summary tomorrow night.

Birmingham – Chelsea
Obviously a Chelsea win. If Chelsea are going to make some headway in the title race, they have to pick up 3 points away from home vs. Birmingham, so Chelsea should take this and I think they’ll take it by 2 goals as well. They’re missing Drogba, but a lot of their goals come from Anelka, Lampard plus they have plenty of other capable goal scorers so I’m going to say Chelsea, and if you can get a decent price on a 2 goal victory for Chelsea, you should probably go for that.

Fulham – Tottenham
This is an interesting matchup. London derbys are always fun. I have a soft spot for Fulham, so I have to warn you; my opinion could be biased. Tottenham are a very inconsistent team, and they can hammer teams one minute, then play like a Championship side the next. Fulham’s home form this season is pretty solid, especially on the defensive side (they’re one of the tightest teams in the back conceding only 6 goals at home). Combine this with Tottenham’s inconsistency, I think Fulham have a pretty good chance to pick up some points in this match. The striking threat of Tottenham is worth a notice, but I think Fulham’s solid defence will prevail against Tottenham. If Zamora and Duff can continue their form from the match vs. Man Utd, they could even grab a win. I think it’ll be a close match, but I think Fulham will edge Tottenham at least 33 % of the time given Tottenham’s inconsistency. At a price ranging from 2,5-1 to 3,5-1, you should obviously put your money on Fulham, or a draw (although Fulham have gotten rid of their tendency to draw since the appointment of Hodgson).

West Ham – Portsmouth
Portsmouth look a different side since the appointment of Avram Grant, but West Ham need these points. They’ll fight hard, and they’ll need to edge this to stay up in my opinion. They’ve looked very good and gotten unlucky in a couple of matches, which you could say about Portsmouth this season as well. This is an important match for both sides, and I think West Ham will come out on top.

Burnley – Bolton
Burnley have looked good at Turf Moor this season. Burnley win.

Manchester City – Stoke
There’s potential for a big upset in this match if the rumors about dressing room disharmony in Manchester City due to the managerial changes are true. I guess we’ll have to see what effect Mancini has. I’m not sure Manchester City are worth the price they’re getting, but I definitely think they will win this match a good % of the time. I’m not happy with the price I’m getting for a Manchester City win (I think I’d take 1,6-1 or so), so I think there’s more value in going for a draw. I think Man City will win it, but I think there’s a lot of value in betting on a draw in this match.

Sunderland – Everton
Everton have been slumping this season, and I think they’re going to continue to slump against a very good home-side in Sunderland. Sunderland will probably take this, and be quite comfortable. I’m definitely putting money on this match, because I think there’s a lot of value in Sunderland.

Wigan – Blackburn
Blackburn are hideous away from home. Wigan are very good value for about 2-1 or better.

I’m not going to take a look at the Super Sunday, nor the Championship. I might post an update tomorrow when I take a deeper look at the Championship and/or Scotland. I’ll definitely post an update with confirmed bets later.

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