December 31, 2009

2009 roundup, goals for 2010

This is going to be a long ass post, because it’s obviously a post to summarize my year in poker. Cliffnotes at the bottom.

First, for the story of the day – and a missed opportunity. I got up, showered, ate breakfast. I decided to watch Bart’s Thin Red Line ep. 1 again because it’s like one of the illest theory videos on DC. I give Bart shit on the forums, but he’s one of my best friends so breaking his balls is obviously necessary.

I fell asleep halfway through the video and I woke up when there was like 10 minutes left. I check out what’s going on on MSN, and sure enough, Bart had posted a HH for me. He won a 800bb+ pot with AA vs. 99 on J7xxx at 10/20. Biggest of his life, I think. Sick rush, and we started talking about the game he was in. I told him that if I had like $12 – $14k to my name, I’d definitely take a $4k shot at that game. He then proceeds to tell me he’d take my action. I’m like “SWEET” and 10 seconds after he told me he’d take my action, I was on the waiting list. I was 4th or something when I joined, so that kind of sucked, but whatever. So, I’m like semi-railing the game and getting dressed for tonight for like 40 minutes or something. After I had gotten dressed, I decided “meh, I’ll grind some while I wait for the seat”. I did my pre-game rituals (Joe Tall, are you reading this?!) which was part of our homework for Tilter’s Anonymous.

I sat down to grind. The fish was stacking people left and right in the 10/20 game, playing something like 90 VPIP or whatever. I was number 2 on the waiting list when the fish finally decided to quit. He had $6 – 7k on the table when he quit. Bart had a disconnect earlier in the game, so he wasn’t in it. Sucks for him, because I think he lost like $4k in EV. I guess it doesn’t sting too much, because he did book like a $14k win or something. 1 minute after the fish had quit, I was offered a seat at the table and I’d be playing 3handed with two of the better 10/20 players on iPoker (as far as I know) if I were to sit in the game. Obviously that’s not going to happen, so meh. I think I was one spot away from playing 10/20 without even having played a single hand of 2/4, 3/6 or 5/10. Sick life imo. The session itself went okay, as I kept on playing 1/2. I booked another decent score and I even recorded myself playing one table. I might add audio to it and talk about all the mistakes I did in the video. There are so many, I’m fucking embarrased, haha. A made an A high calldown, but there were so many spots where I should’ve made some “thin” calls which aren’t really thin at all. I just pussed out, and it kind of sucks.

So, on to 2009…
In January, I got staked for NL50 because I was a broke ass student and I had just bought a new computer because my old one was crap. Grinded NL50 and ran like ass for 4 – 5 months. I hit a massive heater in May or June or something, and rushed through NL50 and NL100 like I was Usain Bolt on the racetrack. I ended the stake deal with decent profits. Got a new contract in August for NL100 and NL200. I played okay at first, winning about 10 buy-ins, then had some rough swings accompanied by poor play. After being stubborn and swinging like a madman at NL200, I decided to drop down to regain some confidence and stuff. I crushed NL100 like I crushed it when I heatered through it in 20K hands previously, and it was pretty awesome. December was brutal at first, dropping 10 buy-ins. Then I heatered, and now I’m up a little bit at NL200.

Plans for the day? Going to hang out with one of my best friends and just chill. We’ll probably go downtown or something to watch the fireworks, I don’t know. I got a couple of cubans that I’m going to smoke tonight. Awesomeness.

Goals for 2010:
Break into MSNL, and win g00t monies.
Get a girlfriend (kind of hard when you’re an online poker player with no life)
Go on a small tour with my band
Get decent grades at uni

Cliffnotes of today:
Could play 10/20, but the fish quit
Played a session, and played pretty poorly

Cliffnotes of 2009:
Staked at NL50 at the beginning of the year
Ran like ass until May – June
Heatered my way up to NL200 during the summer
Been playing NL200 since then, breaking even or so

I’m missing a bit of my graph because my old hands are on my old computer. The HD failed, so that sucks, but here’s my graph since May or so.

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