December 03, 2009

First poast imo

I figured I needed a blog. I had one before, but I don’t think anyone ever read it, and I never really got anything out of writing because there was very little correspondence there. I hope traffic on this blog will give me some motivation to keep on playing when I’m on a low, and I can brag when I’m on ups.

I guess most of the content in this blog will be poker related, but I’ll definitely write about other stuff that interests me. Topics may vary from music to football (the real kind, where people actually kick a ball with their feet) to anything else that comes to mind. I’ll try to analyze at least one hand per week, so that’ll be fun.

In the last 2 days, I’ve lost 11 BI at NL200 and I now have to find myself playing NL100 again. I’ve been getting brutalized at NL200 since I moved up and I’m like 10 BI under EV, and I think Galfond owes me a couple of thousand as well. Oh, well.

Dearly departed lands, I shall return!

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