July 06, 2010

Andre 3000 on bitches

Whereever you got cats, you got dogs
And whereever you got dogs, you got bitches
And bitches always want to put their paws on your riches

I read a review on Big Boi's new album "Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty". The reviewer said it was one of the best albums so far this year, so I downloaded it. Currently bracing for epic. I dig OutKast's stuff, so this should be pretty good.

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July 05, 2010

Format C

These last couple of days can be summarized with very few words. World Cup, formatting, installing, importing and grinding.

The World Cup was exciting, and one of my favorite sides are doing really well. Dieses Jahr ist der deutsche Jahr! Immer wieder Deutschland! I'm also rooting for Uruguay, because it's always fun to root for the underdog. It's a shame they knocked out Ghana in the manner that they did, but you can't do anything about it. I'm hoping they beat the crap out of the Netherlands, and that Diego Forlán wins the Golden Boot. I have some money riding on it. I also have money on Germany winning the World Cup.

Formatting my disks was interesting. I had like zero space left on my disks and couldn't import anything to my HEM database or anything. I decided to format both my disks, so I moved everything essential to my external HDD, and formatted. I also downgraded from Windows Vista to Windows XP. Great success! If any of you are still using Windows XP, but you hate the themes available, you should check out Zune Theme. It's all black and sexy, and it looks really good. Formatting and re-installing everything took about 2 days effectively, because I started at night and there was World Cup matches in between etcetera. I timed it so I could watch the World Cup quarter finals while importing all my audio files into iTunes again, which was a genius move. Importing music into iTunes was probably the most work of those two days, even though I didn't really have to do anything. 35,000 mp3 files from my external HDD to iTunes, and copying them to their own location on my computer. I'm not sure how long it took, but I'm pretty sure it was at least 4 hours just doing that. With that out the window, I now could listen to music again while working on my PC, which is sweet. I fail to function without music.

The next step was obviously reimporting all my hands to HEM, which I'm still doing. I've currently imported about 1,500,000 hands or something in that area, and I still have 23,000 files or something to go through. This is going to be a lengthy process, for sure. Bah. At least I can grind, albeit HUDless, while I'm importing hands. That, I can dig.

Sunday was MTT Sunday. Or break even Sunday. I cashed in a $3 rebuy and a $26 thing on FullTilt, and some tournament on Stars. They were all mincashes though. I tried abusing some fish on the bubble in some hand, and got snapped by second pair on the river when I shoved on Q87J5. Sadface.

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June 28, 2010

Casanova on deceiving fools

"We avenge intelligence when we deceive a fool, and ... deceiving a fool is an exploit worthy of an intelligent man."
- Giacomo Casanova

I thought this was very applicable to poker, and worthy of a post.

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June 26, 2010

Lol trolled



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June 23, 2010

I play too many tables

I am amazed at how I waste my talents playing 6 - 8 tables. I do really good at hand analysis, and have been a solid winner playing 4 tables for as long as I can remember. GG.

4-tabling from now on, maybe 5 if there are a ton of degen fish playing.

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June 09, 2010

Terp is a genius (SSNL Disease comment)

I just want to give some praise to Justin. He's an excellent poker mind, and anyone who has watched his old series "Hand Readers" from a couple of seasons ago will know that this is true. However, SSNL Disease is the greatest thing that has happened to me since I joined my first training site. Terp is a very articulate and well-spoken person. He gets his message across really well, and every video I've seen from Terp has been great. His use of analogies are just spot on for my thought process.

But that's not the real praise. Truth be told, I could probably pick any no limit hold'em theory series here on DC and say it's fucking awesome, and it would probably be true. However, what I really want to praise Terp's SSNL Disease for is the fact that, although he talks from a no limit hold'em background, you can apply his teachings to any poker game. The material in SSNL Disease is so closely related to general poker theory that it almost becomes more of a general poker theory series. I have two episodes left to take notes of, those are 7 and 8. I'm looking forward to watching these episodes and actually taking notes of these series. After that, I might move on to reading a couple of poker books and taking notes of them. I might eventually build up a ginormous library of notes from both videos and books.

Watching videos and taking notes has been very educational for me thus far, and I think I'm vastly improving as a player by watching a lot of these theoretical series and actually learning the theory behind what is being done rather than doing something without understanding why. I never thought I would say this, but I want more theory!

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June 08, 2010

Haters gonna hate

I don't get why people hate on people who run good. It's retarded, because honestly, I don't like people hating on me. I've been playing a ton of chinese lately, and wowomg I'm running good. :p

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May 30, 2010

Chinese poker online!

I found a way to play chinese poker online. It's on a site called Tiger Gaming or something, a site which I wouldn't really trust with a bucket of piss, but the great thing is that if you get like 3 other guys to play with you, you can play 4-handed chinese poker for play money and have tons of fun on Skype etc. Great times, awesome gamble, and a lot of laughs with good friends. All you do, if you want to play for real money, is to assign a currency to the play money and sum up who's up or down after the session. Pretty cool.

If anyone's up for some chinese poker, holla at me on Skype! My username is stianchrister. Tell me who you are and we'll talk. I'll play between $1 and $3 a point at most, until I get comfortable.

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May 21, 2010

'ave a look, see!

I wrote this today.

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May 20, 2010

Lol chatlogs

Spraggy says:
 fk barcelona
 move to cardiff
 and ill be your padawan
 benj you tryin to play like stian would give you a permanent nosebleed
Spraggy says:
 stian is like a crow
 he likes shiny things
 oooo blue cards
 money goes in

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