July 26, 2011

Time has passed

Hey guys,
Well some time has past since i last posted, mainly due to Black Friday and also due to poker burnout/ loosing to much. With full tilts demise i have played only a few k hands of poker, i miss my demon friend Rush Poker. With rush gone hopefully i can get on with learning how to play the real 6 max game and progress up through the stakes. I'm excited again.

What got me motivated again was reading through some goal threads on 2+2, in particular aesthetics 100k challenge and margorko's grind through the stakes. Reading through these blogs really inspired me to want to give becoming a poker pro. I am far from any where near from becoming a pro but i don't have much to loose and everything to gain so im going for it.

Starting point: I'm afraid its back to 2nl for me on stars, my roll on full tilt is gone and i only have 20 bucks left on stars. So over the next month or two i hope to progress up towards 25nl. I will be trying to play between 4-6 tables and put in some decent volume. I played about 1k hands today and was up 1 BI, shall start the real grind tomorrow with the aim on 1-2k hands per day and 10k hands done by the end of the month.

Tomorrow i will go over my aggressive brm (well aggressive for my nitty self), my goals and dreams.

Lets get this party started.

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