March 28, 2011

Computer Problems

I've decided to stop my 50k hand challenge as im having computer issues which is tilting me. My computer is about 5 years old and is starting to die. It's constantly freezing itself and this is tilting me. I flop a set, have pp AA and my computer freezes and releases only to come back where i have folded my hand. Combine this with running bad lately means i need to address this issue.

So the plan is to put the computer in a shop and get it cleaned. I checked the inside of my computer and its pretty dusty, so i put the vacum through it. Didn't really do a good job so i thought id let the professionals do it. At the same  time i might buy some Ram as currently im runnig only 2g, if i go up to 4g this might make Holdem manager and table ninja run more smothly. This is only a short term fix as mid year i might upgrade to a quad core processor so things run a bit better.

So yeah, going to make a phone call and see when i baby booked in. Frustrating as hell. MIght have to pull out of the garage my 12 year computer so i can watch some DC videos while its getting fixed. Anyhow thats it for now.

THanks guys.

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nzdkp posted on March 28, 2011 at 21:31 PM


Oh i forgot to add that holdem manager seems to be only picking up 3/4 of my hands, unsure why.


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