November 14, 2009

Cat Prayers...

I’m just going to try writing this stream-of-consciousness style, as it might be the only way I manage to get it done. So. I get back from the vet this evening, $1000 later. On the plus side, poker has provided the necessary cash, to care for these little geeks like this. On the negative side, I’m a fledgling pro (semi-pro?) myself, and this probably isn’t the financially prudent time for an expense like this, when I’M just trying to make a go of it myself. But, it is what it is, and I’m certainly knee-deep in it now!

So, as many of you know, I rescued this abandoned cat, that someone who moved out, had left behind, and had been surviving outside for a few months. Fine. Turned out, SHE was pregnant with 5 kittens. VERY OVERWHELMING, sigh, but also fine. So, when the expenses added up, I felt like it was sort of my hands-on charitable donation for the year. And I am So Neverendingly Grateful for all that poker has brought me, I feel that is a good attitude to have.

So, as of today, the kittens are 8 weeks old, and I have found homes for 3 of them! Which, I thought, was not doing too badly. The first two were SUPPOSED to get adopted tomorrow. They are big and healthy, and I’ve paid for them to have every vaccine, etc. they are old enough to get. :)

Tonight, I am very concerned.

The biggest problem in all of this, hasn’t been the kittens. I mean, they HAVE been a handful, in what I imagine is a standard kitten sort of way. The biggest problem, has been the Mom cat! She STILL really has not been properly housebroken, and for the last few weeks, has been throwing up constantly. And, despite eating anything and everything, she is still underweight, and not gaining ( probably cause she can’t keep anything down ). So, today, they run some blood tests (good!). The vet comes in, and says her blood looks a bit odd, and wants to run a test for feline AIDS/Leukemia Virus, as well. So, I’ve had that done. I’m just kind of horrified. If she DOES test positive for this ( and, apparently, it is a big risk to outdoor cats ), then her kittens will likely have it too. :( So, I couldn’t knowingly send infected kittens into the house of a cat-lover, who HAS other cats. Which means, I would now have no homes for these guys, AND have the added burden of trying to find homes for FeLV positive kittens – which frankly, I have no idea how to do, and they would probably just have to go to a shelter. I have no problem with keeping the Mom, and trying to make her as comfortable as possible, if she IS that sick. And sure, a kitten as well.

Like many things in life, it seems unfair that this virus exists. I mean, it’s just extra ironic, you know, spending 1k to try and give these cats the best start possible, then possibly finding out they are going to die very young. I don’t regret doing it, it would just make me very sad!

So, tonight, I’m praying that the mother cat has a negative result for these two deadly cat viruses. I hope she just has some good old-fashioned cat parasites, from living outside instead!

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