June 04, 2011


So, blog more, eh?  Well...maybe I can be convinced.

Here's a quick one.  So, today, I am supposed to go sing ( like in front of people :p ), for the first time in ages.  Why are these things always so damn early (early for me being like Noonish)?  I'm currently chugging back coffee #2, and don't even feel like jumping in the shower yet, let alone [i]singing[/i] for God's sake!  Your voice sits about half an octave lower for the first few hours after you wake up I think - check it out for yourself.  But, being that most of my singing training has been in the classical vein, I guess wedding, funerals, and churches in general, are going to be the main gigs for this.  I have the odd combination of somehow ending up a classical'ish singer, and a rock or metal guitarist ( back when I still played more ).

Well, today I definitely feel more like the somewhat badass Rock Chick, dragging myself into the church for noon, un-warmed up, scrambling to find some remotely appropriate clothing.  Meanwhile, when I get there, I'm sure I'll be greeted by eager happy morning people, who have been bright-eyed awake and preparing for this since 8am, and own nothing BUT appropriate church clothing.

Anyway, I'd better get to it, I suppose.  It'll be a miracle if I make it there on time at all!

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