June 02, 2010

Nice Day Off

I had the day off work today.  Played some PLO and did something I hate played a tourney.  While I was playing in this tourney I realize why I hate them they take so damn long.  Played for over two ours and came in fourth and won eight bucks.  Not bad for a $1.40 investment and not to mention I made over two bucks in bounties.  And I realized something playing in this thing in a well structure tournament you can be aggressive on the flop on the turn and people will just fold to you and if they don't you still have plenty of chips. 

This came to full front after the first break I lost two thirds of my stack with JJ to KK and when me and that person got to the final table my aggression rebuilt my stack bigger then hers.  A couple of times at the final table I got my stack down to about 10 big blinds and with four people at left had double my the chips with the next person, and then blasted them off against people just trying to knock people out because I had to go.  Maybe next time I will take my time and actually try to win.

The PLO went bad today the only time I did good was when I called someone who checked raised me and my naked jacks took down the pot.  Other then that I was about even on the day.

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