March 21, 2012


Man i love heads up poker.

it has given me a new lease of life while playing poker though 1 thing i have learnt and this could not be more obvious -

headsup cash = filled with sharks

headsup sngs = filled with fish

there is without a doubt more money in the cash games - though it wud take crazy effort - learning - grinding to get very good.

i have been playing alot of headsup hyper turbo sngs recently and really enjoy them !! i no alot of it comes down to winning flips but its key to grind your opponent down so that the flip is for the win or if you lose you have enough to fight on.

i will post graphs on my march play which has been mainly hyper heads up sngs in a week or 2 - though in the meantime if there any1 else who plays these games and interested to talk about them comment for sures !!

also on a side note i played 4 micromillions events so far with 2 cashes. no deeeeeep runs but plan to play a few more events and definitely all day sunday !! 

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