May 17, 2011

Lock 1 Month - Doubled Up

Another brief update.  Still running like crap but crushing Lock.  I'm just under 5 bb/100 after 12K hands, but 11 BI below EV.  Some day I'm going to catch up that EV line which should be a lot of fun.  I'm ok with waiting until I move up though. 

Anyway I've almost (within 1/2 a BI) doubled my roll on Lock after exactly a month. Hopefully the next $50 will go quicker and I'll start playing 10NL around 15BI I think.  It's short I know, but the games are soft enough I think it's worth taking some early shots

For now I'll include the latest lock graph and move on for now.  I'm hoping to make these a little more interesting when I get to 10NL.  My game is pretty ABC and boring at the moment so not a ton to say.  I've also failed miserably at a couple of my goals.  I haven't been posting many hands at all.  I've been reviewing sessions pretty well, but just don't find that many interesting spots to be honest, just terrible players handing me money.  I've made a couple video attempts but had some technical difficulties, but just got a new laptop so hopefully can get back to that.  

Oh and check that impressive red line :).

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Posted By Langerz at 11:39 AM



elorean posted on May 17, 2011 at 11:46 AM


don't worry about the red line until you're at 100NL, further the graph looks ok.

what might be really interesting spots to give some extra thought about is when you play vs aggro players whether you should raise, induce or check to see if you can find some extra spots where you can make money from them... Also interesting spots at the micros is spots where you check back on the river... evaluate those spots if you can valuebet small, create a range of hands that might call here (2nd pair type hands, hands with weak kickers etc) and see how often you're beat (less then 50%, valuebet!). I often see players valuebet pretty good on flop and turn and then slow down on the river where most value can be made..

gl langerz

McBoyler posted on May 17, 2011 at 21:13 PM



Happy to see you are playing on Lock too! I am currently playing 10nl. I actually think the software is growing on me. Do you like the normal or mini view better? Also did you sign up with the iPAD2 bonus?

Langerz posted on May 17, 2011 at 22:22 PM


Don't worry I'm not at all worried about the red line. It's probably optimal to have that red line at this limit.

I've also posted every hand I've played vs. aggro players in this blog, there were none of them. Ok I'm exaggerating but the player pool at 4 nl is really bad. I rarely c/b rivers with any kind of hand.

I'm fine with the SW and after playing there a month actually like it. The time bank feature could be better and I hated the all in button until I figured out how to hide it. (open shoved something like 93o once before I found it - BB tanked for ever - I was screaming for a fold lol). I think I use normal view - whatever the one that shows the ICON.

I wasn't patient enough to search out good bonuses so didn't get the iPAD2 bonus. I got the 200% sign up though which clears ridiculously slow at 4NL. 3.3% cleared after 12k hands. At least there isn't a expiration.

See you at 10nl next month. :)


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