November 01, 2011

September & October results

I haven't played much as I've been busy with school, watching a ton of football and being social, but when I've played it's gone pretty well. I hope to get back to watching more videos and working on my game as that's far more important to me during this time of prohibition than simply grinding hands.

September & October results:

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So $40 from playing and a bit in bonus/rb, so not bad. The BR is up over $500 which is pretty sick considering I deposited $100 and have run it up in about 35k hands at a respectable 13bb/100. Time for more 25nl. 

Goals for November are to put in decent volume; at least 5k hands, do at few ev calcs and review hands a bit deeper and get some expert opinions from my balla friends.

IRL, school and everything else is going pretty well. I do need to buckle down in one class to keep the 4.0 train rolling tho. I've been good about getting in workouts but I need to eat a little healthier and make sure to get to bed a bit earlier, my average time of going to bed is creeping later and later.

That's it for now I guess, glgl all

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u the man


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