August 26, 2011

Hero calls, hero folds and the start of the school year

Two days before heading back to school I had an awesome golf and poker day with some friends. We played Colorado National, a really tough but beautiful and fun course in Erie. I blew up a few holes but played decent over-all. 

At the home game I made the hero-est of all calls; taking a huge -ev hit in the off chance I could claim the elusive 7-2 bounty 7-high hero call. I called a raise IP and bet a 3-way flop when chccked to on J99dd, the sb who has a 95% vpip insta-c.r'd small so I called planning to take it away. The turn was an off-suit 3 and I checked it back even though I should have bluffed the turn. River was an Ao and he lead for just over 1/2 pot. I was gearing up for the bluff shove when I got the crazy idea to call. I tanked for close to 10 minutes and decided to click that middle button and villain turned up 62o and I shipped the pot with 7-high. Huge mistake not to ship it all in considering the 72 bounty and the millions of combos of bluffs that beat me, not to mention his value hands, but I seriously couldn't help myself when I started thinking about the few combos of worse hands he had. I have always dreamt of making an 8-high call to beat someone bluffing 7-2, so it was even better and the most lol moment of my poker career. Very satisfying even though it was a god awful call.

On the other end of the spectrum I folded KK pre-flop today for probably only the 2nd or 3rd time ever. I cold-4b a pot open and min-3b, the nitty guy who opened the pot insta shipped it and the min-3bettor instantly called so I sighed and folded and they both showed aces and I felt really good about my play. Sadly I hit my 4bi stop loss today in <600 hands but I feel good all but two decisions (sadly they resulted in losing stacks but meh)

The first week of school went well. Not too much happening yet, but I got back into a good routine of getting exercise, getting to bed at a decent hour and making time for school work, poker and social stuff. Ready to crush and keep the 4.0 train rolling.

I played a session of LHE the other day for the first time in over a year. I won like 3 bets in 700 hands but I made a ton of mistakes. I haven't really played much PLO lately but I think I'll probably play a few more LHE sessions soon and then get back into some PLO later this fall.

That's it for now I guess. glgl

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