July 15, 2011

The summer grind & WSOP thoughts

I haven't played much online poker this summer as I have been golfing, working, chasing girls and playing live, but when I have logged on, it's gone well.

I feel very relaxed and focused when playing which is very different than pre-black-Friday. I have also worked on my game watching lots of videos (re-watched mathematics of nl, did some plo videos including galfond and whitelime, 2x6, hellomaha) and I read Hwang's PLO book and I'm getting through Winning Poker Tournaments one hand at a time for the 2nd time. I've also been recording a lot of my sessions and reviewing them and being very critical of my play. I have worked a bit with stove and doing some ev calcs and I feel very good about my 6max play right now. I am hoping to put in some HORSE, PLO and LHE sessions soon, just to keep things fresh and work on my poker skill as opposed to just 6max nl.

I hope to keep working on my game and grinding up from the micros on merge so that my game is sharp when we eventually get legislation.

Graph since I deposited on Merge: 
User Uploaded Image

 Live poker is going well. I also feel more relaxed and patient playing live than I have in the past.

Golf is going really well and I'm getting down from bogey-golf toward the mid-80s and improving each time I go practice and play. I want to break 80 by the end of next summer.

The WSOP was a blast to sweat all summer. Like I mentioned in my last post I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to make it out to Vegas this summer, but twitter and pokernews sweating my friends and fantasy team was fun. 1 e-friend won a bracelet and 2 got 2nd's, so sweating the FTs was super fun. And with 7 e-friends still in the ME with nice stacks I hope to get one last sweat for the summer.

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