May 30, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack, online pokerz, wsop fantasy draft and everything else

The impending removal of rakeback on the merge network coupled with the itch to click buttons lead me to sign up, deposit and play some online poker today. It didn't go great, but I was pleased with my decisions and really excited to get back on the grind and get back to thinking about poker/discussing hands etc. Starting at 4nl but I'm planning to be pretty aggressive with the BR management and see if I can run it up to small stakes pretty soon.

I did a fantasy WSOP draft with my brother this evening. 15 players each and we've got bets for most money won, most FTs and most Cashes. And for every bracelet won, you get lunch at chipotle paid for by the other.

I didn't put much thought into it, but my team is: Phil Ivey (ship coin flips for 1st pick o0o0o0o), Jeff Lisandro, Erik Seidel, Phil Galfond, Jason Mercier, David Oppenheim, Scott Seiver, Eugene Katchalov, Greg Mueller, Jonathan Depa (creepy I know, but I'm a fanboy/homer), Michael Mizrachi, Allen Kessler, John Monnette, David Williams, Tom Marchese

My brother's team is: Durrrr, DN, Huck Seed, Daniel Alaei, Hellmuth, Erick Lindgren, Barry G, David Benyamine, Scotty Nguyen, Elky, Dan Kelly, Jungleman, Sammy Farha, Chau Giang and Francois Safieddine (local bracelet winner)

Everything else is going well. New apartment, summer school, golf, basketball, hiking, etc. I'm stoked to sweat the WSOP, grind some hands, crush summer school and continue thriving.

glgl, all

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