April 01, 2011

March Results/April Goals

Pretty excellent month overall.
nl cash: $86
plo cash: -$24
MTTs: -$29
Stakeaments: -$32
Rakeback: $84

Total: $85

Got back into the grind after a short break and it seems to have helped a lot.

I'm really bad at MTTs, so I'll keep playing a few, but mostly I just need to keep watching some videos and reading up on MTT play.

I really enjoyed my limited grind at plo. I will keep studying and playing some plo for sure; aiming for 5k hands of 5plo this month.

I'm rolled for and moving back to 25nl, and plan to keep working on my game and play > 12k hands in April.


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April Goals:

Play more!

12k hands at 25nl

5k hands of 5plo

At least silver iron man

Finish Winning Poker Tournaments & Pot Limit Omaha Poker

Watch videos, review hands, be involved in HH discussions, sweat, etc

Non Poker:

Crush school and be in a good spot for finals

Keep working out and eating right

Stick to healthy sleep schedule

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