March 21, 2011

Week in review; spring break

Didn't get too much grinding in this week. Just over 3k hands of nl. A few short PLO sessions, a couple of MTTs and some lolive poker. Nothing stellar results wise, but played pretty well overall.

Had a lot of fun with my family and friends on break though. I golfed a few times, went hiking and got to spend time with my dog. I spent some great time and had fantastic meals with my parents. I also had a lot of fun with friends I rarely get to see. life ev > poker volume, so a very successful week. Time to buckle down and grind school and poker for the rest of the semester.

Didn't get to play Saturday or Sunday as I got very ill late Friday night. Woke up feeling pretty good today (Sunday), but had to pack and drive back to school, so I didn't get a session in today as I felt tired this afternoon/evening. I'm really trying to only play when I feel good/focused as my results have been trrbl when I make myself put in volume.

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glgl, all 

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