January 31, 2012

January Results

Played 13.6k hands which is a lot for me; felt really good about my grind. The .5bb/100 winrate it pretty lol but I ran awful all-in; so hopefully February goes better in that regard.

I watched a lot of videos this month and reviewed hands etc. 

February goals:

12k hands

Watch videos and participate in some sweats; keep getting better


Keep smashing school- I started the semester really strong

Keep working out- Been hitting the gym and playing a lot of basketball so it's all good right now

Do some reading and other stuff to be a better, more rounded person



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January 01, 2012

2011 results/2012 goals

Haven't really blogged lately as I haven't really played much poker.

2011 was good despite BF. I worked hard on my game and played only when I felt good. Definitely controlled almost all of my tilt.

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So I won at 5bb/100 for the year, but only played 75k hands. I won at 1bb in 2010, playing 150k hands... so meh.

With rakeback and bonuses I made just shy of $1500.

2012 goals:

180k hands of cash. Make 20k+ of them at PLO

Make it to Vegas during the WSOP to see poker friends and get a little live grind on.

Continue getting better at poker.

IRL, just keep crushing and thinking long-term and big-picture.

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November 01, 2011

September & October results

I haven't played much as I've been busy with school, watching a ton of football and being social, but when I've played it's gone pretty well. I hope to get back to watching more videos and working on my game as that's far more important to me during this time of prohibition than simply grinding hands.

September & October results:

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So $40 from playing and a bit in bonus/rb, so not bad. The BR is up over $500 which is pretty sick considering I deposited $100 and have run it up in about 35k hands at a respectable 13bb/100. Time for more 25nl. 

Goals for November are to put in decent volume; at least 5k hands, do at few ev calcs and review hands a bit deeper and get some expert opinions from my balla friends.

IRL, school and everything else is going pretty well. I do need to buckle down in one class to keep the 4.0 train rolling tho. I've been good about getting in workouts but I need to eat a little healthier and make sure to get to bed a bit earlier, my average time of going to bed is creeping later and later.

That's it for now I guess, glgl all

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August 31, 2011

August Results/September Goals

Really felt good playing this month; very focused and not worried about results. I watched some videos, reviewed hands, participated in some sweats and continued to improve. I played some LHE and PLO which is always fun also; so with mixed games and bonus clearing +$160 for the month.

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September goals: 

Crush School

Keep getting lots of exercise and get outside a lot before the weather turns

10k hands of nl and 2-5k hands of LHE and PLO; mix in some 25nl when the games look good

Keep watching videos and working on my game to get better everyday.

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August 26, 2011

Hero calls, hero folds and the start of the school year

Two days before heading back to school I had an awesome golf and poker day with some friends. We played Colorado National, a really tough but beautiful and fun course in Erie. I blew up a few holes but played decent over-all. 

At the home game I made the hero-est of all calls; taking a huge -ev hit in the off chance I could claim the elusive 7-2 bounty 7-high hero call. I called a raise IP and bet a 3-way flop when chccked to on J99dd, the sb who has a 95% vpip insta-c.r'd small so I called planning to take it away. The turn was an off-suit 3 and I checked it back even though I should have bluffed the turn. River was an Ao and he lead for just over 1/2 pot. I was gearing up for the bluff shove when I got the crazy idea to call. I tanked for close to 10 minutes and decided to click that middle button and villain turned up 62o and I shipped the pot with 7-high. Huge mistake not to ship it all in considering the 72 bounty and the millions of combos of bluffs that beat me, not to mention his value hands, but I seriously couldn't help myself when I started thinking about the few combos of worse hands he had. I have always dreamt of making an 8-high call to beat someone bluffing 7-2, so it was even better and the most lol moment of my poker career. Very satisfying even though it was a god awful call.

On the other end of the spectrum I folded KK pre-flop today for probably only the 2nd or 3rd time ever. I cold-4b a pot open and min-3b, the nitty guy who opened the pot insta shipped it and the min-3bettor instantly called so I sighed and folded and they both showed aces and I felt really good about my play. Sadly I hit my 4bi stop loss today in <600 hands but I feel good all but two decisions (sadly they resulted in losing stacks but meh)

The first week of school went well. Not too much happening yet, but I got back into a good routine of getting exercise, getting to bed at a decent hour and making time for school work, poker and social stuff. Ready to crush and keep the 4.0 train rolling.

I played a session of LHE the other day for the first time in over a year. I won like 3 bets in 700 hands but I made a ton of mistakes. I haven't really played much PLO lately but I think I'll probably play a few more LHE sessions soon and then get back into some PLO later this fall.

That's it for now I guess. glgl

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July 31, 2011

July Results/August Goals

July was awesome all around. I played a lot of poker, golf and did some hiking. I also spent quality time with friends & family. I moved from 4nl to 10nl and it stuck, so I feel good having moved up on the merge. The games are really good and I'm playing really well, focused and letting the game come to me as opposed to trying to make too much happen.

Online results:

NL Cash: $92

PLO/Mixed: $9

Bonus: $10

Donkaments ($3)

Online total: $108

Lolive poker: $700 (all 50nl and lower and about 45 hours) 

Total: $808

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I watched a lot of videos and did away from the table work to keep improving during this time of prohibition.

August goals:

15k hands

Keep watching videos and improving as a player.

Lots of poker, golf, hiking etc

Crush the beginning of the school year.

I'm really excited to head back to school in a few weeks. I want to focus heavily on fitness, school and poker and being away from the city is really good for that. And 25nl shots to come. I really want to be aggressive with the BR so a few more 10nl bi and I'll add a table of 25nl.

glgl, all

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July 15, 2011

The summer grind & WSOP thoughts

I haven't played much online poker this summer as I have been golfing, working, chasing girls and playing live, but when I have logged on, it's gone well.

I feel very relaxed and focused when playing which is very different than pre-black-Friday. I have also worked on my game watching lots of videos (re-watched mathematics of nl, did some plo videos including galfond and whitelime, 2x6, hellomaha) and I read Hwang's PLO book and I'm getting through Winning Poker Tournaments one hand at a time for the 2nd time. I've also been recording a lot of my sessions and reviewing them and being very critical of my play. I have worked a bit with stove and doing some ev calcs and I feel very good about my 6max play right now. I am hoping to put in some HORSE, PLO and LHE sessions soon, just to keep things fresh and work on my poker skill as opposed to just 6max nl.

I hope to keep working on my game and grinding up from the micros on merge so that my game is sharp when we eventually get legislation.

Graph since I deposited on Merge: 
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 Live poker is going well. I also feel more relaxed and patient playing live than I have in the past.

Golf is going really well and I'm getting down from bogey-golf toward the mid-80s and improving each time I go practice and play. I want to break 80 by the end of next summer.

The WSOP was a blast to sweat all summer. Like I mentioned in my last post I was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to make it out to Vegas this summer, but twitter and pokernews sweating my friends and fantasy team was fun. 1 e-friend won a bracelet and 2 got 2nd's, so sweating the FTs was super fun. And with 7 e-friends still in the ME with nice stacks I hope to get one last sweat for the summer.

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June 07, 2011

Boom; beginners luck

Being back on the online grind is great. I haven't really played many hands yet, but I'm crushing and it's really fun to be clicking buttons again. The 4nl games on Merge are super good and I feel very calm and focused when playing. 

Summer school is going really well and I'm getting outside a ton and golfing/hiking. Not a bad life especially when you throw in a little bit of poker. I still don't have a job for the summer, but hopefully something will come up in the next few weeks before summer school ends.

I can't believe that it's been a year since the WSOP micro-baller house. It's looking like I won't be going this year and that kind of sucks. Hopefully next year.

Here is the graph for the first week of June. I need to play more, and I will. All it will take is one session of getting stuck and instead of playing 300 hands I'll grind 1200. Ha, ISAP.

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Online BR is up to $148. I plan to be super aggressive with BR management, so I'll take a few bi shot at 10nl once I get to $160. Here's to continuing to run hot. glgl to all the guys at the WSOP, I'm sweating twitter like whoa.

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May 30, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack, online pokerz, wsop fantasy draft and everything else

The impending removal of rakeback on the merge network coupled with the itch to click buttons lead me to sign up, deposit and play some online poker today. It didn't go great, but I was pleased with my decisions and really excited to get back on the grind and get back to thinking about poker/discussing hands etc. Starting at 4nl but I'm planning to be pretty aggressive with the BR management and see if I can run it up to small stakes pretty soon.

I did a fantasy WSOP draft with my brother this evening. 15 players each and we've got bets for most money won, most FTs and most Cashes. And for every bracelet won, you get lunch at chipotle paid for by the other.

I didn't put much thought into it, but my team is: Phil Ivey (ship coin flips for 1st pick o0o0o0o), Jeff Lisandro, Erik Seidel, Phil Galfond, Jason Mercier, David Oppenheim, Scott Seiver, Eugene Katchalov, Greg Mueller, Jonathan Depa (creepy I know, but I'm a fanboy/homer), Michael Mizrachi, Allen Kessler, John Monnette, David Williams, Tom Marchese

My brother's team is: Durrrr, DN, Huck Seed, Daniel Alaei, Hellmuth, Erick Lindgren, Barry G, David Benyamine, Scotty Nguyen, Elky, Dan Kelly, Jungleman, Sammy Farha, Chau Giang and Francois Safieddine (local bracelet winner)

Everything else is going well. New apartment, summer school, golf, basketball, hiking, etc. I'm stoked to sweat the WSOP, grind some hands, crush summer school and continue thriving.

glgl, all

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April 15, 2011

GG, poker??

I am anxious to see what comes from all of this. Luckily poker is not more than a hobby for me.

Luckily I will still be able to AIM and Skype with my poker friends, and without the bad beats.

As far the the money, meh. I don't have much online and we'll see what happens.

I'm really really sad for my friends who are online professionals. I hope this all gets sorted quickly and they can access their funds. I also hope this means we get legislation! Hard to say at this point.

gg, and gl, all

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