June 21, 2012

Updates, Coaching Thoughts, and Fishing China!

Results have been standard- 8bb/100 for most part over 220k at mostly 10, some 20, and for a few days 4nl. Cashed out 500 and left 100 in roll to grind up again as I have done 4+times so far on this site. Unfortunately, the day I moved into my new digs, which is far from digs and is just in a better location and cheaper here in Ecuador, had my first bad session in awhile losing 4.5 bi running like doggy poop. That is the game, Just came at bad time since my roll was light at that moment. Dropped to 4nl to grind a roll for 10nl and now, because I have two/possibly 3 or 4 part-time additional income jobs (coaching, part time english TOEFL teaching, and country rep for Ecuador for Poker Refugees helping the agency successfully re-locate players to continue the grind, will most likely leave roll on site and try to move up to 50 which I think is very achievable since I don't have to withdrawl for life as has been the case the past 6 months. Coaching has been going well, not necessarily to promote but to update. Have about 8 students of varying levels, some found my ad on CL, some from 2plus2, but all have done numerous sessions and given me very good feedback. Granted, I am coaching beginners that play live and players that play20nl below and charge a really cheap rate for a good product imo so they end up satisfied. But as a former/English teacher, Spanish teacher, and guitar instructor, I think I do a good job covering concepts,and explaining them well so pretty excited to expand this in the very near future and pick up some more live/beginner type players or micro grinders. I think the players I seem to help most are those that make plays just "too make plays" and get in akward spots and lose stacks, which although specific on dynamics and villain, is pretty avoidable, and not just playing tight or passive. Just knowing what you are hoping to accomplish in each hand, where you are going to extract value, and how to preserve your stack when faced with super tough decisions with marginal holdings are pretty simple concepts that go miles for unl online games and with beginners in the casinos and home games. I had a student that was breaking even at 5nl, sweated an hour and half (he made plays that were definitely not needed), he cut those out, stopped playing so much from oop, and is not doing well at 10nl making the move up. One other quick coaching note that is funny and kind of amazing. I got a response to a CL add from a gentleman in China that is RICH who is involved in a poker stars homegame with other wealthy gamblers that play like party played in 2003. Since they were using play money but had a score keeper tracking who bought in for what, rebought etc, they tallied up and paid at the end of the month since it was a private club. I got his email first thing in the am and he asked if I could sweat him as the big fish was in the game. He bought in for about 500 USD, having lost 1k each of the last 3 nights. He played abc and wasn't a beginner, but had no clue how to adjust to the players at the table. Basically I told him what to do for an hour- even when he said things like I can't call with just one pair for 1.2k. He called and was right, and simply by identifying the opponents, and adjusting to each logicially, he went on to win 4 k in an hour without an major coolers or flips- he never knew the concept of checking back flop as pfr to induce bluff from agro, we did it twice and both times our top pair beat 7 or 9 high- both pots got big as agro player potted turn and river.... He would have insta mucked in past on river but talking through the process and player type, he got it and it worked really well for him. There is a huge spewer in the game that is down 27k this month but has more money alone than 80 percent of the rest of Shangai, so he is the target. I just wish I was invited to such a juicy game or got tipped on his 4k profit and not just the $15/session I charge and we agreed to. Anyway, was pretty cool experience and he is booking once a week for immediate future so might have some other juicy richman china fish game stories in near future. As always, appreciate any thoughts, comments or questions- peace out and good night it is lateeeeeeeeeee.

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PrinzVonHapunkt posted on June 21, 2012 at 10:30 AM


good job! looks like you're crushing overall

but move the fuck up imo ;)

l2p posted on June 25, 2012 at 16:30 PM


Hello! I enjoyed reading that, seems you're doing well. But yeah, do move up when you have the roll, take some shots... I just jumped at the last post so Im not sure...why are you playing 10nl, seems to me you can at least play 20, is it a challenge or something?

Chinese rich fish...this'll be interesting, I'll keep an eye on the blog :)

All the best!

kerwinty posted on June 25, 2012 at 21:59 PM


Yea, kind of wrote this piece to get across the idea that although grinding is still cool, I really do enjoy working with people, explaining my thought process to mostly beginner to intermediate players etc. It is just something that one can take pride in. Additionally, have been teaching Ecuadorians strategies to beat the TOEFL test, and even though it doesn't pay well, at the end of the day you see the results and can feel good about them. Also to stress, the "home game" I am observing and helping my student dissect through the first 3 days, is a weaker player pool than you would typically find at 10nl on stars, so it isn't the hardest thing in the world to figure out the tactics of the main marks and proceed from there. But thanks for reading.


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