June 02, 2012

Bankroll Question?

So here is the situation. Have been playing and beating 10nl since moving to Ecuador in October at about 8bb/100 although during first 100k was at more like 12bb/100 but regardless, withdrawing and paying for life here which is not hard to do. 3 days ago, I moved to a more central and cheaper location but had to pay first month, a security, and the last month rent of my prior residence. Basically I cashed out everything but $100 or 10bi to continue grinding. Now that I am in a better and much cheaper financial situation, and have secured part time additional work so everything isn't coming in from poker, have no problem moving up even with the risk of downswings. I had never gone through more than a 8 bi downswing before but never had less than 15 bi in my roll, which is plenty in my opinion for a 10nl ongame winner. HOWEVER, my first session in new place went horrible and lost 4 bi (not huge but not best time to have it happen since I had just withdrew). Cashed out of site and am considering doing a few more kickback bonus whoring with the 58 bucks I have left (I have more that I could deposit but have no way to get money onto moneybookers being an American in Ecuador without a cc) So wondering if I should start at 4nl? Or anyone have a clue how to get funds I have on paypal onto moneybookers? I was playing on bwin with no rb and am excited about clearing a few 100+ percent rake bonuses and then finding permanent home on either an ongame skin with rb or another euro network. Thoughts? Ideas? Thanks in advance!

Posted By kerwinty at 03:41 AM



PrinzVonHapunkt posted on June 02, 2012 at 08:02 AM


Did you ever cash in with moneybookers to bwin?
Because then you could cash in with paypal at bwin and cashout to moneybookers (at least I did that once, maybe they fixed that now because afaik those online currencies are not allowed to be exchanged)

PrinzVonHapunkt posted on June 02, 2012 at 08:03 AM


How about getting staked btw?

With your proven results you should easily get a stake for 30NL or something

BaseMetal posted on June 02, 2012 at 08:27 AM


I am not a cash player, I do understand how BR management can be different for each but generally a 15BI roll seems small to me. Have you seen the bankroll tools on this site:
In your current case if you have a secondary income and are beating the 10nl at 8bb/100 long term I would keep playing 10nl but expect to have to put some more in if it goes a little bad. If the size of your site BR worries you put in a bit more now and continue. Moving down due to you cashing out doesn't seem a good plan if you can relatively easily re-roll. Int he future I would keep a bigger roll but I am very conservative.

chuck651 posted on June 02, 2012 at 20:14 PM


If you have the ability to move money on/off sites easily then it's all really just personal preference. I'd say having anything under 10 on the site would get annoying.


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