February 08, 2012

More leakiness

Played my longest session to date since being south of the equator and results and play wise, it wasn't the best thing ever. Started the 11 hour grind off running second nuts into nuts twice in first 5 minutes against opponents I know to be maniacs. Settled ok afterward, but found that whenever I lost a big pot to one of the 225 fish on the site in a spot where I assume I played the hand decent until the river, and then either called when I shouldn't have or checked when I shouldn't have, I would have a momentary lapse of poker intelligence that would last for a good 7 min on all my tables. Also becoming clear to me is the fact that after 7 pm est, the games STINK! I mean you can steal blinds very easily but the spots you just love to play for- hero calling a monkey, or bluff shoving a scare card, or check calling three streets with the nuts against someone that assumes everytime you check, he can steal it- those spots just don't seem to happen much. I logged off for the night at around 9 pm, but was still wired and in the mood to play, so gave it a second go. Just like the start of the day, 2 bi's down the drain in first 3 min- one I should have pot controlled (top two in limped pot against bottom set), second, top two and flush draw in position with JTdd on jt35dd board to KQdd ai on turn. It is definitely a mental challenge to start sessions behind the eight ball, when all you want to do is grind, play well, and make some loot. Soooooooooooo much hidden variance in poker- onto tomorrow although it's 2am and am way too amped to sleep.

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kerwinty posted on February 08, 2012 at 12:56 PM


Just grinded another 4 hours, games seemed better, power nap and back to it at noon.


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