January 19, 2012

Evelyn and Poker

Wow, Just woke up after a crappy night sleep, but a crazy 3 hour morning advil pm induced coma, that was highlighted by a extremely vivid dream. Was very random and not sure how the pieces fit together which they never seem to do intelligently, but the main 3 characters were Evelyn Ng, Danny Devito, and Donald Trump. We all somehow ended up at a trump AC casino property, for Devito it was a place to throw dice, for Ng it was a place to play poker, get wasted, throw dice, and find men to follow her every move, and for Trump, well, it was his hotel. Cliffs version; I ended up being her 6 hour boy toy and she preposed that the money Devito lent her to play craps, that she doubled to 100k and was in a very dirty old briefcase, would be used as my stake for the Borgota Winter Poker Open, as long as when I wasn't playing, we just drank and had sex. I obviously and thrillingly agreed, but it never got that far because one of her other boy toys who happened to be a very jacked, very black, very direct stud, didn't like the idea. He preferred taking her and the money himself, which in her drug/alcohol induced state was totally fine, so they disappeared into some beach cottage while I walked away with the empty dirty bag looking for a train home. The seamingly nice "beach town" though it was AC, turned out to be the town I grew up in on the Jersey Shore, and in trying to find my way out, ended up in the ghetto, getting robbed by both corrupt cops and a few gang members who saw me leaving AC with a briefcase full of what they assumed was cash (I wasn't the least bit upset because I knew lover boy and Ng dumped out the loot at the cottage right? At least that is what I thought- turns out the super nice and super romantic Evelyn left a note and 20k to use as a poker starter stake) As it was being stolen by this completely rude, arrogant, and douchy officer, all I could think was "man Evelyn Ng is amazing.. What would Lex Veldhous think? I really need to build my bankroll faster, what a sick life she leads" I woke up hoping it was all true, but instead found bwin open on my laptop, the lobby of 10 nl and 20 nl full of "average to the flop" of 65% tables and the need to piss. I pissed so maybe I can grind some hands and one day live like Evelyn.

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