January 03, 2012

A Start- Intro

Hey DC- My name is Keith and I am going to give blogging a whirl to see how it goes. I have always been a big reader and writer, although since leaving the states three months ago tomorrow, my English and writing has definitely deteriorated, given I am living in a completely Spanish speaking world- Ecuador, where I have only met one gringo since returning to my second favorite country for the 11th time. I am an older than most on DC 34 year old former bar owner, spanish teacher and international coordinator giving poker a shot for the first time as a possible sole income generating endevour. I've managed to find my way into a financially reasonable position in terms of my monhtly cost of living, and because of this fortunate arrangement, I don't have to crush to eat and sleep for the time being. Having awesome friends, family and "family" (intercambio exchange in college gone well) has helped, because without them I'd still be in Raleigh grinding on merge and bartending at Solas. But for now, I have become a bonus whore- grinding out small profits, while studying, analyzing, talking and breathing poker as much as possible. Bouncing from skin to skin has been a interesting learning tool, in that as a player, you are able to see just how different in a broad sense sites play, and in a narrow sense, how regs and fish play and differ. My win rate has been pretty good although it has varied tremendously between sites. I'll post graphs soon. My general impression is that stars is normal and tough without table selecting well, party poker is decent but not at all like party poker in its fishy hayday, and bwin, and to a lesser degree, other ongame skins are like party poker in its hayday. Fish love to give their money away. Obviously sample size, my style of play, and running good or running bad has molded these judgments, but those are my thoughts as of now, having played for just about 2 months on the above mentioned sites. So that's the basic 411 on poker and me. We have a sometimes good and sometimes bad relationship, and I'll be using this blog to detail it for my own personal benefit, and for whoever else may be interested. Thanks

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