December 30, 2011

Goals for 2012

I profited from the game of poker in 2011.  I'm very proud of that.  I'm much more proud of the fact that I continued to work on my game, and I feel like I'm a better player.  I'm still at the nanos, but moreso because of my need for strong BRM, and of course, Black Friday. 

So, here are my goals for the year:

1) Read at least six poker books.  I've got a few that are waiting for me after Christmas, including the one by Jared Tendler, and a few Dusty Schmidts as well.  I find that when I'm reading these books, I end up playing better, and I also enjoy trying out new moves, and finding leaks in my own game. 

2) Make it a priority to play between 2-5K hands a month.  I know this isn't a lot compared to a lot of the others here on DC.  But it's what I can do.  I find anything past 3 tabling, and I make some terrible decisions.  I also work 2, sometimes 3 jobs.  This makes my time commitment limited.  But making a minimum of 2K hands a month is a good goal for me, even in my busiest times.

3) Play at least 10 times live.  I live 2 hours from the nearest casino.  I've explained my time commitment issues.  But ten times would be a good goal to set.

4) Stick with my online BRM.  It's conservative, but so am I when it comes to my finances.  And that's OK.  At 20 BIs, I move up.  If I lose 2 BIs, I drop down.  Restart.  No tournament BIs of more than 1% of my BR. 

5) Continue to try and learn new moves against different types of players, and take better notes.  This is an ongoing process for me.  I've gotten better with notes in the last year, but I need to continue to improve on th is front. 

Those are my goals.  Obviously, I have some things that I would love to see happen in terms of my profit and things like that, but I'll just say I'd like to progress and continue to move up and not down.  I'm close to being able to move up to 10NL.  My overall goal has been to become a profitable player at 25NL.  I feel l'm doing well in continuing to move in that direction, and the 5 goals above will help me get there.

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Gambools posted on December 30, 2011 at 14:57 PM


I like it. Good luck and look forward to hearing how it's going


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