December 19, 2011

Update on my dinner/poker dilemma:

I went and played at the Hollywood Casino in Joliet, Illinois.  I played for 2 hours, and made about $40.  I'm satisfied with it.  As one person commented, it was probably around 75 hands.  So I made, what, 12.5BB/100? 

No real major tricky spots.  Hit a nice flush with Q3 from the BB against a calling station....had a pair of queens as an overpair to the board on a raise and 2 call PF board...

Both tables I sat at were limpfests, with maybe one out of every 3 hands, a big raise from late position or the blinds to about 7.5X.  I still struggle a bit with how to play against those tables, as you tend to get 2-3 callers of the 5 that have limped.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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sincerny posted on December 19, 2011 at 17:00 PM


I have the same difficulty. I guess it mean you can loose a little and try to be in position whenever you enter a pot. You have to play with dead money, because some of them are folding when they don't hit the flop, but be ready to play against the stations. Enter for cheap with hands that have a possibility of nut and raise much more than 3X BB when you have high cards and high pockets kind of hands, of course for value. At those tables I find that it is not to be the best outplaying player, but much of an ABC game with a good abiity to know when you have to fold.

sincerny posted on December 19, 2011 at 17:01 PM


Fancy play will kill you.


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