November 01, 2011

Finally hit my target BR.

I have pretty ridiculously tight bankroll management, mostly because I'm poor, and made a promise to the fiance (got engaged last Thursday, yay me) that I wasn't going to invest any more money in to my poker bankroll.  But I've finally gotten my BR to $1000 combined with live and online.  I'm pretty happy about that, considering I invested just $60, and haven't ever played over 5K hands in one month. 

So I've followed through with my promise to start setting aside money after I hit 1K.  My formula is the following: I will take 25% of any monthly profit, and set it aside for a rainy day fund.  Granted, in most months when I'm only able to play online, it might be as little as $4 profit, and I only take $1 profit to the rainy day fund.  But it's something.  No profit, no RDF. 

So far, I've got $40.  That's not much, but it's great for me mentally.  I feel like I've finally accomplished one of my major poker goals. 

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huntse posted on November 02, 2011 at 21:41 PM


Way to go man!


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