June 21, 2011

Had my first megatilt in a while last night.

I didn't copy the hand from last night, but a MP raise, I reraise with AA from the button, he calls.  Dry flop, his wtsd was something like 50, so I just fired flop and turn cbets, got him down to 25BB heading in to the river, which he shoves and I call.  He'd called 3/4 pot bets on the flop and turn with a gutshot.  Nothing more than a gutshot.  And hit it on the river. 

I actually yelled out loud I was so pissed, and I almost never do that. 

It turned what would have been a nice, profitable session in to a losing one in what was my last orbit of an hour of play.

Today is poker day, when I get to play for 3-4 hours.  I hope that I stay positive and don't let that affect me, because I'm still pissed. 

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