June 19, 2011

Backpacker Etiquette

Since moving to Melbourne I have pretty much been living in backpackers, so that’s 10 weeks or so.

Currently the Back Packers I am staying in is 154AUD/week and is in South Melbourne. To live in an apartment/flat for that price it is going to be a pretty rough house. I am a good sleeper so having snorers/ people partying does not bother me. And there are some awesome and interesting people who come through the back packers. However there is definitely an unspoken etiquette that should be followed. I will list some of the things that I can think of:

-          When you first meet the people in your room, AT LEAST acknowledge them an introduce yourself. Nothing more awkward than staying in the same room as someone and not knowing there name.

-          Keep your stuff in the same area. It is not hard, there are others in the room and it is not cool to have to walk through the room and walking around other peoples stuff to get to your bed.

-          If you have ear phones, use them, especially late in the evening.

-          Make an effort to get to know the people in your room, where they are from, why are they here etc.

-          Friendly conversations each day. Currently have a French guy in the room and he is mega awkward.

-          Hmmmm oh if you are going to go do something on your own, ask a fellow roommate if they would like to tag along.

-          If you have to leave 1st thing in the morning (before 7am) get what you need for the next day ready the  night before so there is no massive noise etc. in the morning.

-          Scenario: Me, German 1, German 2: We introduce ourselves, then when the Germans speak to each other they switch straight back into German. They can speak fluent ENGLISH! Seems rude to me at least.

In general 75% of the people who I have met have followed these guide lines however those who do not are so annoying. Not being racist but the large majority of those who do not are Asian, not sure why but many people agree with me when the topic has come up.

Any other guidelines I am missing?



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