May 17, 2011


So last Wednesday I started a job, it is my first job since finishing University last year. It is at MLC which is the Wealth Division of NAB (National Australia Bank), it is not a fancy job and is only for a 3 month period but I like the idea of experiencing what working in a big corporate company is going to be like. I missed the training week that was a couple weeks ago so I have been jucked into the role and am pretty much learning as I go. I actually did not know what exactly my role was before my first day, I hate talking on the phone which was the only way I could communicate with my boss, so sort of just said I will take it then turned up on the Wednesday clueless.


Once the 3 month period wraps up there is likely to be a chance to go permanent, have no idea what I will do at this stage, who knows I may be a PLO BEAST by then and gap it to Thailand for a few months before coming back to work in the Aussie summer for a few months while all the sport is on, good weather etc. then head to Europe in March. That would be an ideal plan actually, but I am only playing the micro stakes PLO at the moment, but am learning a TONNE recently.


My computer is not happy. I have been playing 4 tables with overlap as I have to use it in safe mode cause it just freezes otherwise L. But that is okay, I am at Melbourne airport at the moment, heading back to Wellington to graduate for a few days. That is another reason I took the position at MLC, they were happy to let me have days off for graduation, other jobs said that would not be possible. I decided to come to the airport mega early, and with no internet here it gives me a chance to study lots of hands that I have saved is Word from my sessions in last couple weeks (HEM does not work in Safe mode hence hands are in Word). Hopefully a friend can fix up my lappy while I am home as safe mode also has no sound and I miss watching TV shows online and stuff.


Hmmm Random Stuff


-          I think I am going to start a thread in 2p2’s Poker goals and challenges to document my PLO progress daily, and make more substantial updates here each week or two.

-          I have a Boost Juice voucher, it opens at the airport at 5:30am, I get a 2nd one for a dollar, getting excited for that!

-          I registered for a Social Ultimate Frisbee league so when I get back from graduation I have that to look forward to, should be exciting!

-, gotta keep posting there more!

-          Played at Crown Casino 3 times in the 6 weeks or so I have been in Melbourne, not into live cash games at the moment. Want to play some tournaments, the Melbourne Champs has just finished but with the new job and struggle to get FTP cash (GaryBenson was charging high fees for his service for a while, and MoneyBookers is not available, I decided against playing a bunch of the tourneys)

-          Gutted to not be heading to Vegas this year, feel as though after last year I know so much more about what to/not to do to have fun. Hopefully some DCers can take a bracelet or four!)



Hmmm, you can tell I am just writing what is going through my mind as I write this!


For the hands that I am to review of my own hands I am going to use this format:



What is our hand structure:

Why is this hand going to be profitable post flop:

General good and bad qualities about this pre flop hand:



Vitals (SPR/IP or OOP/No. Players/what do we have):


Flop Discussion:


TURN (if needed):

 How do villains and hero’s hand range change) :


Turn Discussion:


RIVER (if needed):

What are ranges for both us and villain, how strong is each part on a scale of 1 – 10:



What reads do I gain on villain:




Something like that anyway, going to be dumb with no PPT access, but can do that another time. Just need to think about my thought processes for now. I hopefully will go through 4 – 5 hands super thoroughly before my time to board.






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