May 03, 2011

The need to get into good habits!

So i have finished all of Bugs' 12 Articles on the basics of PLO. However have decided I need to get back into good habits when learning about poker so I am now going to publish all my learning notes here: I am surprised this is not used by more people as you can just write your notes up in Gmail and then you can just email them straight to the site.  
So all my Bugs' notes are there. Its good how I can now access them from any computer!
I will be emailing something to that site at least once a week to ensure I keep learning an do not stall, especially as I am still a noob at PLO.
I will start a new job in a couple days hopefully, so will start to play PLO primarily then. I keep stuffing up the paper work though so probably will start next week! 

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