April 30, 2011

PLO Part6/7 + Kiwi Song.

Kiwi Song = Verona by Elemeno P:

Part 6

-          Part 6 we look at 4betting/facing 4bets. Although they are rare at micro stakes, it is important to ensure our overall grasp of PLO is extensive pre-flop. It is generally math based and involves hand reading and using distributions and odds against these hands as we normally have one PSB left after a pot sized 4bet.

-          4 bet pots are big therefore important, can be solved with mathematics.


-          We may 4bet to avoid playing deep stacked OOP against a wide and balanced 3betting range.

-          By 4betting we eliminate his implied odds, however if 5bet we have to call as we need 31% odds, where against AA** we are 34%. If we have AKKTss, AA** is unlikely therefore we can push any flop post flop and cannot be exploited as we essentially have AA**.

-          4betting AKKTss gives us extra outs in terms of back door draws that assists our equity is we do get out flopped.

Our core 3betting range:

Premiums (Premium AAss+ /2 broadway/pair/connectors, Broadway wraps with an Ace, ss+, JJ**+ at least suited with a connectors or high pair)

Speculative (Good suited rundowns, suited Ace rundowns) = ~1.6% of all PLO hands.

Premium AA** = 0.8% all PLO hands (32% of AA**), Premium Broadways is 1.63% all Broadway, Speculative = ~1.7% all PLO hands therefore total of 4.8% of all PLO hands approx(IP).

-          We don’t want to attack a tight 3bet range with a light 4bet range.

-          An aggressive ‘tight’ 3bettor threshold cuts of at roughly max of 7% of hands.

-          Light 4betting means range of Premium AA** and selected premium non-AA** hands.

-          When we 3bet good high premiums, they less likely have AA** and our high pairs can act more like AA**.

Therefore our core 4betting range is (can be looser/include premium suited rundowns):

AKKx + AQQx, at least single suited to the ace with broad way kicker.

AKxx, as least suited to the ace with broad way kickers.

This is 2.8% of all hands, primarily all AA** (85+%).

If we get 5bet, we are only ever making a very slight –EV play by calling with non-AA** if they only 5bet AA** - soon as we know they can 5bet with non-AA** we should call as it provides better future image.

-          4betting a better balanced range reduces our opponents equity of calling and playing fit/fold post flop with run downs etc.


-          Important if we exploit our position by 3betting light as more we 3bet, more AA** gets to 4bet.

-          Standard against 4bet = assume villain has AA** play accordingly hands that flop well and calling off where we have minimum required equity. 5betting AA** AI (we do not 3bet trashy AA** so we have odds regardless to 3bet/5bet our entire AA**).

-          Need to find the hands that play best versus the 4bet – given 100BB stacks. We need 31% equity on flop to call off when all pre flop has been pot sized bets (we have 62.5bb remaining in our stack).

Equation we use:

EV (call 4-bet)= (1 - top_x)(-25.5 BB) + top_x{av_equity(201.5 BB) - 88 BB}


-          Remember our 3bet range includes Premiums, Speculative and bluff hands.


When we 3bet for value and get 4bet by AA**

-          Obviously 5bet AA** all in.

-          Broadway wraps (ss+), preferably with an Ace: Fold when they have an Ace in the hand.

-          Premium JJ**+ (ss+), connected/high pair: High double pairs can be called, at least single suited. QQ** and KK** must be double suited in order to call. Other pairs lower that are connected can be called with just a single suit (they have more straight possibilities than QQ/KK**) although we do not 3bet 7765 for example. High pairs with an Ace in them need to be played very well in order to be profitable.



When we make a speculative 3bet with suited ace rundowns; premium rundowns.

-          Suited rundowns are robust against AA**, even if there are a couple gaps.

-          Suited ace rundowns (A765) are good when they are double suited, when they are single suited they are marginally profitable however it is okay to fold them and you won’t lose much.


Bluff 3betting facing a 4bet.

-           We do not have a definitive range for bluffing so tough to look at closely even if we 3bet with a minimum of coordination

-          But ultimately rundowns are very robust against AA**. As long as they have some straight potential (gaps are ok), single suited hands can be profitable but require less gaps. Q965ss is profitable for example.  

-          Remember this is assuming we are against AA**, if we end up against a balanced 4bet range as well as a multi way pot we do not fare well due to their limited nut potential.

-          Important to note link between pre and post flop play. First we want to steal pot or be heads up against an opponent whom we have good control over. This makes post flop play reasonably easy, if we get 4bet and we know its AA** it is easy if we have position and have a hand that flops well versus AA**.

-          So position, straight forward villain and minimum coordination are the requirements when we choose to bluff 3bet.

-          Note: Having a coordinated hand against two likely AA** given your reads means we can get it in with awesome equity in some situation given money in the pot already.

4bet pots are a craft rather than an art as we end up all in on the flop normally. Run simulations to get better!

Part 7:

This article discusses setting up your HUD and looking at various statistics pre flop. I won’t be taking notes about this at the moment however I have read the article.


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