April 22, 2011

PLO From Scratch - P2 Summary

The first step for me on my road to mastering PLO is to read all of Bugs' articles 'PLO from Scratch', I have herd great things about them and the best thing is that it says the views of the page....and its only 329! So that means that all though they have had great reviews, not everyone knows about them. And no doubt many of those views are the same people 3, 4, 5+ times. Of course not all great PLO players will read these articles, but it makes me happy as it shows that PLO is definitely a game that not everyone is competent in. If I can really study the material in these there is no reason why I cannot quickly excel at this game from the micros to who knows where.

I have skipped part 1 as it is a study guide, but I have covered this in one of my other blogs. I will be writhing these from the top of my head, and reviewing the articles more indepth over time and constantly reviewing them not as a goal to reach the level of bugs, but as a tool as I obviously want to become the best player.

Part 2 Summary: When being dealt 4 cards, there are more different structures to hands that we receive so ideally we want all the cards to work together to enable us to hit more flops and give us more outs to draw to. Danglers reduce the value of our hands A LOT. 

Position is way more important in PLO than hold'em, and we know just how important it is in hold'em. If we are not drawing to the nuts when we are out of position we will not know what we are exactly doing with or hand, and given that our in position villain has four cards they are able to represent the nuts a lot more easily if we show any weakness.

We base our pre-flop selection generally around showdown equity and steal equity. As I said above, our steal equity is going to be dramatically less OOP so that is why we need to be tight and play hands that we know are going to have great show down equity....essentially we want to have hands that when hit are going to be the nuts. In position however is a different kettle of fish, we can play more liberally as we can take dow many more pots post flop when checked to, so in position if we have a hand that has a tonne of showdown equity we will 3bet all the time as people a lot as they will play weak hands out of position with minimal SD equity and no steal equity giving us a HUGE edge.

To being for me, I will be playing really really tight in position, as this is what slowed my growth as a player in hold'em - I did not appreciate position enough.

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