February 09, 2011

I CAN PLAY THIS GAME (graph inside)....

....I think 

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Breakdown by stakes..... 

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So after running horribly and playing worse towards end of last year things have started well this year. The best part is that I know I am making mistakes that are costing me, so there is definite room for improvement. I also still have tilt issues from time to time. 

Things that have helped thus far:

- having a notepad open with common notes I use in it so that I can quickly copy and paste hands into HEM notes.

- looking at ways to exploit each reg, normally this is only one thing I actively seek to do one on opponent. One opponent today I was 4 betting with a VERY DEPOLARIZED RANGE, he would always flat the 4 bet and play fit or fold post flop, was such a pleasure playing him, helped the red line too :). Other regs it is flatting there steals and CRing lots of flops, or c/c their bet and donking out the turn. Pretty much they will very rarely adjust to you so you can exploit them for a long time. 

- I am also conscious of the different short stacks at the table. My ranges for them are vastly different against a few of them based on their tendencies, but this is definitely helping me not getting carried away with giving my moneyz to them.

I am going to stay at 50nl for the rest of the month, I will move up to 100nl regardless, not before.

Good luck at the tables yall.



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