January 28, 2011

Challenge Update

It has been a couple months since my last blog, which was setting a challenge of 100 buyins in 2months. Result? Fail.

October and November saw me working hard on my game, getting coaching for my game in terms of up skilling and working on my mental side. I also did a lot of work on my own in terms of watching videos. However every time I sat down at the table I could not seem to get a win. November did not go well and the start of December continued that trend so early December I took a break from NLHE. I started to play some micro-PLO and have a good rest from poker otherwise. So the challenge was flagged as I was not going to put in volume and if I did, it would have been freakish if I got near the goal.

December was a sweet month, doing nothing all day, partying at night, rinse and repeat. Pretty much what I do anyway but there was no poker during the day. Min December it came apparent that I was not cut out to be an online pro. I get bored to easily and lack the discipline. I have tried to work on this for months and months, but it is not meant to be. So I decided that I want to get a job, whether it is full time or part time and play poker on the side.

Since then I have applied for a few jobs in the sporting industry. I have realised though that Wellington is not the ideal entry way to a career in the sports industry as we are a city with lots of public sector jobs. Therefore it looks like this time next month I am going to move to Melbourne (maybe Sydney) and apply for jobs that I will enjoy.

Back to poker, I decided to withdraw my bank roll and start grinding up from the micros in 2011. Micros being 20nl, I have enough savings and what not to live off for a year or so, so there is no need for me to earn X amount etc. Since then I have played approximately 37k hands thus far this year and am up 35 buy ins or so. My game is feeling sharp and I am ready to move on up in Feb. I still play my C game too often, but I am now conscious of it and can insta-quit unlike I use to. I also stick to 6 tables, anymore and shit hits the fan.

Am currently on the train heading into town at the mo, so will post this when I can get on some internet. This weekend is the annual Wellington Races at Trentham Race Courses. So wine before 9 will be happening; if I wake up as there is a flat warming tonight that will be messy. Then next weekend is the Wellington 7’s, two days of non-stop drinking along with 35000 people dressed in outrageous costumes. Top 3 best weekends of the year always, so looking forward to that.

Catch y’all in the forums.


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