October 28, 2010

Hands I Botched - and Why!

Hand 1: http://weaktight.com/2842274

Against an unknown, a fold is fine pre flop, but a call is not bad. Mainly for set mining.Flop, this is where my thought process went array to start. The flop made my hand all of a sudden look a lot better than it really was. My equity against his SB range is reasonable on this flop(against top 8% of hands I have 36%), but undefined, I am going to be put in a lot of tricky spots on the turn and river given half the deck is over cards, and I have no read on the betting patterns. I have to pretty much hope to get to SD here when I call, which probably is not overly likely given that my hand is face up when I call. Turn, I could bet but I doubt any worse calls, I could get CRed here, I will attempt to get to SD.The river, it comes as the blank of all blanks which is what made me call....but in reality my hand is face up as to what it is, so he is rarely bluffing here, each is getting every penny from me when I call.

Summary: Stick to plan I initially had. Without knowing anything opponents, play very ABC.

Hand 2: 


Pre is fine, happy to take this down without a flop.On the flop I should have bet, there really is not much he can have that beats me. Big pairs 3 bet most of the time, the only sets he can have is 44 (only 1 combo of 99, TT 3bets pre-flop a lot so discounted).He can have T9, OESD, Flush draws, pairs from JT, 98, 77 etc etc. So I should be betting here to maintain initiative and define his hand somewhat. When I check I end up either giving him a chance to catch up if he checks back or he can bet and I am stuck against an undefined range with a medium weak hand.When he checks back, I put him on a weak made hand of some sort, which is not a bad thing as it makes my hand look okay against this so the turn is a easy value bet. to protect against any draws he decided to check back and getting value from weaker made hands.His  turn raise confuses me, and given that I am confused I think I should just let it go as there is a good probability that I will be facing a river bet which is only going to make my hand look weaker, may improve his hand even more....or I might even be drawing dead.On the river, I basically leveled my self into calling here, again compounding my mistakes on the earlier streets.

Summary: Initiative is good OOP, calling and HOPING is not going to be a successful process.

Hand 3: 


The BB was squeeze happy so I was waiting for a big BACK JAM play. QQ is not the  best hand for the play here though as if a K or A flops, I probably cant get max value from my hand. I would prefer doing this with AA/KK, an medium PP pairs such as 88,99 so my hand can be played straight forward if there is no squeeze.

The rest of the hand plays itself I feel. I dont hate a flat on the flop as my hand will definitely be under-repped , but there are plenty of scare cards that can come on turn for both players and the hand may shut right down. 

Summary: If going to make a different play pre-flop make sure that it is not with just a reasonable hand to do it with.

And one hand I played fairly well......

Hand 4: 


Pre is standard, hiscalling range is small-med PPs, some broadways and high suited connectors.Flop is a dry board, but is good for his range, he probably sets, a weak make hand, some Top pairs or a pair he is floating with, he could also have a GSSD + BDFD,. I should have made the flop bet bigger. The turn is not a great card, T9s got there, 87, made 2 pair, but it also gave hands like 99, TT, 76 a OESD. I decide to bet and my plan is to barrel a lot of rivers, he will stick around with pairs + draws. If he raises we have a easy fold, he will only raise his sets + 2 pairs here. Again should have bet bigger.River, good river for us, it hits us and unless he has KJ, made his hand significantly weaker. We just have to figure out whathe will fold all the stuff we want to fold to. I think 28$ is the bare minimum I should be betting. 

Summary: The board may appear dry, but it doesn't mean that it has not missed villains flop calling range.

Any comments on the hands fire away.

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