October 25, 2010

Performance Enhancers - Away, before and at the felt.

This has not been edited or anything so may not make sense at times. But I have been working on my game a lot this month in a variety of ways so hopefully the results will start to show in November and I can begin making the move to the mid stakes.

Improving my game away from the felt: Have been watching Peak performance Poker, and I am using it to finally get myself fit and healthy. I planned on doing this back in the start of August but never got into the habit. In terms of fitness, I planned on doing P90x for 90 days, for some reason this just never seems to be a thing I can do regularly. The other option was to go for a run, given that it was winter I just did not have the motivation to consistently when a howling cold Southerly would be making the run home something that you would not enjoy. In the last week or so I have been for 5 runs and played sport a couple times, which is a huge improvement. Especially given that I was away for a road trip for a couple days where it was pretty much a 36 hour drunken fest. I will get some cardio in everyday and P90x Ab Ripper every other day. This will not take that long so no excuses.

Nutrition. The nutrition part would be easy if it was not so hard to get to the supermarket. The flat mate has a car, but not much spare time and this meant last time we went to the supermarket was almost a month ago before today. I will not be using this as an excuse to just end up buying takeaways from down the road everyday, if it means I have to get on the bus I will do it. I made sure I stocked up today, so most of my food will be: Weet-bix for breakfast, avocado and canned chicken on toast for lunch, meat and salad for dinner, fruit during the day to snack on. Water....lots of it. 

The part I will struggle on is the alcohol, but I figure this can just be my 'cheat day'. I drink my fair bit of beer, but if I can cut out the random beers on a random afternoon, this will be progress. I may have a snack burger on a Sunday from time to time when the flat goes on the weekly Sunday KFC run.

In terms of watching videos, I will continue to email notes from videos/coaching sessions etc to www.pokervideonotes.blogspot.com and go back to read them from time to time.

Improving my game before hitting the felt: 

Have had a couple lessons with Jamie Glazier and there is definitely some things I need to continue working on in terms of my mental game when I am at the table. This has always been my weakness and I am definitely improving slowly but surely. The above with my fitness and eating will continue to help this. My main area I am working on at the moment is my focus. I need to be paying full attention at the tables, not having half my attention on the tables and the other on web/MSN etc. I have some ploys that will help this, and I am getting better at being focused on the poker from the 10 minutes leading up to the session  to the very last hand. My next steps will see me needing to harness this focus on to what is going to help me at the tables the most and extending this focus for a longer period at the tables so that I can play fewer sessions each day yet get the same hands in.

Improving my game on the felt: 

Group coaching with FenderJaguar. I jumped in on this as the deal was to good to be true. We are currently halfway through the programme and there has been improvements in the way I am thinking and various other spots. Going to ensure that I make the post of the next two sessions, ask as many questions as I can. Hopefully me and the other members can continue to work together along with a couple other groups I am apart of to get through the limits.One leak: Not folding hands earlier enough -> I need to think 

"a dollar saved is a dollar won". o

nce I have this eliminated from my game I can add a BB or two to my win rate.Two leak: Blind battles where I am picking the wrong spots to dominate them -> I need to think 

"Some players I can take there blinds, some players will eventually give me theres and then some"

, I will be a formidable player BvB. Three leak: Bluffing people off the hand -> I need to think 

"some people only go to showdown with the nuts"

, some people will only bet or raise with the nuts, otherwise I can bet my way to history.

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