September 13, 2010

Evaluating a downswing

So I am currently in the middle of a downswing. A majority of it is coolers which have not been in my favor. But I think I have been leaking a fair bit in the pots where I am putting 25bbs in the pot or so, these pots can definitely definitley turn losing sessions into winning ones.

Below are some hands I feel I did not play well and why I did not, any comments on the hands?

I have not been tilting off buyins though so at least that is something!

UTG is 49/19 AF 1.7, WTSD 33, Cbet% 76.BB is 17/16/1.8.

I flatted Preflop as I do not expect  BB to get involved in this pot at all, if he 3bets which is going to be rarely thats ok I can fold, otherwise I am HU with the fish. 

Top Pair on the flop, sweet, I'm likely ahead. I check call as I am likely ahead and I feel as thought check raises is over-repping my hand. Given he is passive I think he will slow down on the turn and I can get a value bet on the river. Not the greatestcard in the deck, but this is where I make a mistake I think. This particular fish probably is not capable of bluffing the card, so i think he would be slowing down with his pairs and air. Therefore when he fires the turn I should fold. Glad he just checked back the river.

SB is a fish who I am looking to play lots of pots with. 58/37, AF 6.5.

Once again I want to be in pots with this player, especially in position. Here I should have just flatted the turn, let him bluff the river. Not sure what I was thinking here :S.

Meh shoulda folded UTG given table dynamics. Its okay to open 97s from time to time, this was not the right spot. Villain was the one from 1st hand. On the turn, I should just check and reevaluate. I likely will see a free river.

Raiser has been isolating the fish regularly and opens the BTN alot as it is. I decide to 3bet to take a pot from him. A flat is possible but I opt to 3bet as the BB is squeezy somewhat.

I flop a pair, but on this board I can get all of his PP to fold I think, he can also have some suited connector material. When he flats, I really should have barrelled or check shoved. His fold to 3bet is only 33%, its over 300 hands but I think thats enough to let me know he doesnt give up easy. If anyone is still reading do you think a double barrel or a check raise is better? I think a barrel is as he will check behind lots of draws, PPs and I only get action when it is a set or complete bluff imo.

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