December 09, 2009

Tilt: Detected, ID'ed, Resolved

Yesterday I played a couple sessions and dropped 8 buyins. Woopdee doo, so standard.
However it was disappointing for me as I seem to fall back into my ways before I started to work on my tilt issues. I started the day off badly, making a couple ‘call to make sure my read is right’, which are very costly, that in turn with playing badly saw me down 5 buyins. That didn’t bother me too much and when I got back and played again I was on fire, I then got I would assume all of those buyins back. Yay!

But then, the ole’ winners tilt crept in. I began to make loose calls out of position and 3betting in horrible spots. By this time, I had identified this, however I should have stopped probably 30 minutes before I did because I then buckled down and played really well, but in turn with getting coolered a couple times I then got frustrated. And then proceeded to lose 3 buyins in a 5min span, where 2 of these were as a result of this frustration. At least I identified the frustration by this time and jumped off immediately.

The end result of this was just over 7 buyins lost for the day.

I was a bit pissed at the time as I knew I should not be getting frustrated. After reading the Poker Mindset by Matt Hilger and co. (awesome book fwiw), I realised that when I get coolered/bad beated etc. I was at level 2 in the mindset and would get frustrated and allow it to effect my play. My goal is to eventually to reach level 4, the highest level, which means I will not allow anything to distract me from my play. I was making good progress with this, and was at least at level 3, however I noticed I fell back to level 2 yesterday.
Now that I have written this blog, 20 odd hours after I last played a hand, I am allowed to play again :).

I am going to not let myself get frustrated, poker has variance, I will accept it, I am not special in anyway an immune from it. Also when I start to run good and get up early in the session I am not going to start playing loose and try to win every pot. If I feel like I will, I will jump off and take a quick breather for 5-10 minutes.

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