June 09, 2010

General Update- Live Poker - Vegas in 21days

May ended up being an average month in terms of profit, attempted to play 10k hands in a weekend towards the end of the month, which was a fail in general, as it meant putting in hands when I was tired. I ended up losing a couple buy ins over the 10k, doesn't help losing my biggest pot ever BB deep with 44 on 4T9K and getting all in just to lose when the J gave villain with QQ a straight :(. Finished up 5buy ins or so for the month, so could have been worse obviously.

Have just returned from a trip to Auckland to play the NZ Poker Open. 1100NZD buy in, 125 entrants, deep structure to start. Played well the 1st day, lost to the worst player on the table when my Q-high flush lost to his A-high flush. Managed to ninja back to a average stack by the end of the day with 33 left. Day 2 didn't start well, but again ninja'ed back to average before getting it in with TT vs A2, A on the flop and I am left with 3bb with 16 left and 13 getting paid. Doubling with J8 vs 77 helped, then shoving a lot got me a lot of chips with people wanting to get in the money. Once in the money, I lost KTs to A8o which hurt me and I couldn't recover at the final table. Finally shoving A4s an losing to TT for 8th place (4000NZD). Only regret one hand where I should have shoved over limper's, but other than that I played well and the fields are so tight when face a BB shove that hardly affects there stack.

Have 4 exams to focus on now, so other than watching Mindgurus videos that I recently purchased I will only be playing a little bit of poker. Leave to Vegas the 30th of my time, and will get to LA on the morning of the 30th, yay timezones differences.

Hope to meet some DCers at the bowlament,.



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