December 01, 2009

Blog Fail

Well a week later and I am doing this blog. The last week I have played quite a bit, not sure how many hands, and I can definitely say that I have ‘loped’ off my former C game as Tommy Angelo describes it.
I still don’t play my A game all the time, but my current C game is much more like what my old B/B- game was like. The difference has been huge, I don’t end up playing so many pots OOP and raising any two suited cards and try to ‘own’ a reg and bluff him off the 2nd nuts.

This would appear to have shown in my results in the last week since my last blog, I am up somewhere around 25 buyins at 100nl, this would appear to be the time I am actually going to stay at 100nl. I have run well obviously, however me playing better on average has helped alot along with my coaching from n0whereman. I am thinking about spots alot more, and I have never noticed how badly opponents play on the turn and river. Raising the river as both bluffs and for value is my current favourite move, in that I have been missing out on so much value in the past. It should be obvious though, the pot is biggest when it gets to the river, so the bets are going to be bigger and when I am making less mistakes than my opponents I win more from them faster.

I haven’t got any hands to post in this blog.

I am going to write my way of dealing with bankroll management, it certainly goes against the traditional theory, but it does work for me. Thats for the next blog though..


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