March 09, 2010

Late Feb Roundup + March P.O.A + Beer

Didn’tfeel the urge to blog last week.

The second half of Feb didn’t end up overly well. Graph below (99% 100nl), was still a decent profit for the month.

I played a few hands (>100) of 200nl in Feb, and begun the first couple days of March by playing one or two tables of 200nl with the regular 100nl tables. However I have since come up with a plan of attack for the rest of March.

Stakes: All 200nl 6max.
No. of tables max at all times: 4
Minimum hours of poker each week: 15
Max hours of poker each week: 20
Number of videos I will watch each week (and taking of notes of them): 5

It is time to step up my game, I hope this will allow me to play my A- and better most of the time.

Life: University has started again, 3 of my courses aren’t exciting, 1 is going to be awesome (MGMT317: Change & Innovation), it is practical and the lecturer doesn’t let us take notes and he doesn’t give them to us.

Beer Feast was on Saturday, was the beginning of a looooong day. Try roughly 12 new beers throughout the day, I am a beer drinker, but anyone who says all beers taste the same needs to attend a beer feast. I am a lager man, but tried a few draughts and ciders.

Favourite beer I had:

I will drink this beer again, goes down well, minimal hops however hangs around does the senses well.

Worst beer I had:

Was too much going on, didn’t have the quench of a beer, and I had to force it down some what.

Still the No.1 rank in my book: Kalik, just another reason to goto the Bahamas for the PCA. They do no export the beer at all. However, it is UNBELIEVEABLE.

Every Sunday, I am going to enjoy a Sunday 6 pack, it will be a new beer I have not seen before. And I will give a beer report of each one that evening.

Until next time, good luck.


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erby posted on March 09, 2010 at 20:47 PM


I hear you. I ran a breakeven second half of February as well. I'm hoping it was a combo of bad cards and nits trying to get off to a good start on their supernova run. I'm excited for your beer review and will check it out regularly. I suggest trying "Pork Slap" from these guys:

Run good in march!


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