February 10, 2010

7s Weekend - Epic. LOCKDOWN.

Sevens Weekend lived up to its hype, even though we lost to Samoa in the Quarter Finals.

Going as a Hobo was okay in the end, wasn’t a standout but you cant go wrong as long as your in a costume. I had a couple signs : ‘Will do trick for beer’ and ‘Will Smooch for $$$$’. No smooches while there, got 10cents and a pencil sharpener!

Text Here this link has some pictures of some of the costumes that people were sporting.

I went on the Friday, started drinking at 9am, drunk by 1pm, was at the 7s till 10pm, then out in town till 4am.
Saturday, woke up at 10am, was so fucked, 1st couple beers took a while to go down, but then got into the rhythm and watched a mate do a yardy (female) at one of the 2 21sts. We went to town roughly 11am, then broke into mates house at 5:30am as they wouldn’t wake up. The window only had minor damage but thats fixed.


About to have a LOCKDOWN (Whitelime styles as we will nap) with a couple mates. Heres to running good!

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Bonito posted on February 10, 2010 at 14:58 PM


Holy crap can someone translate that to english?

All I got was "...drunk...good weekend...watched female mate..."

JK sounds like a good time.

jubinator posted on February 11, 2010 at 09:32 AM


Mate, you not making jokes, that is a near perfect translation as long as you add beer


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